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    External Marketing tools

    How Do I Promote My Online Dating Site?

    It is vital for your online dating site to be visible in all the search engines and with this in mind we have created a range of marketing tools. From being able to create your own specific landing pages to then being able to market them through banners and text links on other major websites. The ability to monitor keywords and to see what phrases work and do not work is an essential part of your site being a success and using Dating Factory’s marketing tools this can be achieved with a lot less fuss.

    Banners and text links

    Our goal is to provide you with as a full set of marketing tools as possible. Each of our designs comes with set of banners to choose from. You can have all-in-one solution – internet dating site with range of quality banners for promotion or you can just pick any banner linked to any of the websites in the system, and promote it your own way on any website. Any site you promote will have your unique affiliate code and you will receive the commission for any subscription the user pays.


    Comprehensive real time statistics information will show you’re the results of your campaign immediately.

    XML site maps

    Your dating website will have automatically created and updated xml site maps to quickly get your sites indexed by the search engines. This is the first step of your SEO activities and is crucial for online marketing as will indicate to the search engines your website and its pages.

    Robots TXT file editing

    It essential to get your robots txt files right when you run the website built on someone else’s white label dating platform. Our web settings are default – so if you need to add or edit these TXT files contact our customer services team.

    Meta-tags management

    To help you with your organic traffic you can add or edit as many Meta tags as you wish, as many times as you like.

    RSS-feeds on the front page

    Full html-editing facilities for the front page will give you flexibility to add external content including RSS-feeds from other websites.

    Additional static pages

    You can easily add static pages or landing pages and direct members to these additional pages in the site for optimisation purposes. Creating text links cannot be easier. Get tracking codes and get your marketing campaign up and running in minutes.