How much attention do you pay to the CTA button of your site?

When seeing a CTA button, users can either bounce off your website or choose to engage with your landing page. In order to make sure the bounce rate is as lower as possible, you need to test if your CTA attracts your visitors enough in order to convert and keep them engaged with your site.

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To do so you need to focus on five primary elements: the colour, copy, shape, size, and value proposition.
In general, all these elements need to stand out, they need to be visually distracting. If for example you background colour is grey and your theme is red, never use red for your CTA, it won’t be effective at all, nobody would notice it.
Any elements can be unique to each website and what works for your site can only be determined by testing and experimentation.

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That’s why I always strongly recommend to run A/B testing all the time when launching a new site and see what performs better, mixing elements, and compare results.
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