Quality…not quantity!

To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.
– Mark Twain

With Valentines just two weeks away, we are putting all our efforts into maximising conversions for you by sending out a range of special offers to your members encouraging them find someone to divide their joy with. Members will be offered a free communication day and a discount of 14% off various memberships to encourage them into the world of love!


Sam Gilbert

Head of Partner
Account Management
UK, South Africa,
Australia and
New Zealand




(+44) 1278 588 347
(+44) 7904 552 503
(+61) 0280 064 256




Now is also the opportunity for you to take advantage of this romantic holiday – get some fresh, engaging and thought provoking content on your sites! I am always here to help so please let me know if you would like any assistance.

Quality…not quantity!

It a big thing when you’re running PPC campaigns, making sure you keep your quality score up. There are so many contributing factors to take into account:

— CTR – this makes up a huge 60% of your scoring!
— Keyword relevancy – make sure you get them right.
— Ad relevancy – if you upload adverts make sure they are suitable for your market.
— Download time – be careful you don’t overload your page.
— The historical performance of your account.
— Landing page relevancy.

With your landing page, this will also be assessed on several points:

— Headline/Tag line – this should engaging, to the point and descriptive of your site
— Prominent Image – for image information read my December newsletter
— CTA button – does it stand out and what does it say?

If you would like to discuss optimising your site with me, please feel free to contact me and I can make some suggestions for you.

The Undateables

The series the Undateables went on air in January. We were very happy to have been working in conjunction with Betty TV to help find participants for the show and we are eagerly watching it to see how everyone does. Don’t forget to watch it: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-undateables/4od I think it is also great insight into the disabled niche, so if you have sites in this area I strongly suggest you follow the series as it unfolds.

Don’t miss out, register before February 15th

You can also register as an affiliate for FREE to go to The European Summit in Barcelona from March 5th till March 8th 2014. This will save you a huge 350 Euro at the door. This offer ends February 15th 2014!


We will be attending TES, so please do come over to Barcelona and meet us!

Domains for sale

I still have a number of people offering domains for sale so let me know if you see anything you’re interested in!
I have a list, so if you want to see them all please ask.


There are many more available, please contact me for a full list

Feb 3, 2014

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