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Apr 11, 2012

Caerus AG, the owner of Dating Factory, acquires World Dating Partners

This acquisition consolidates Caerus as a leading provider of white or private label dating sites in the international market.


Apr 09, 2012

Dating Factory’s success at Phoenix forum

Dating Factory would l like to thank the organizers of the Phoenix Forum for a fun and productive event. Thanks also to those of you who met with members of our US-based team in Phoenix, we enjoyed meeting you in person.

If you missed the show, the Phoenix Forum took place last week in Tempe, Arizona, with approximately 1000 attendees from all over the world meeting to talk business under beautiful clear blue skies. The weather was phenomenal, and our hosts did a fantastic job organizing the event. more…

Mar 27, 2012

Dating Factory has hired Richard Buss as a partner manager for the U.S. market

Dating Factory has hired former Playboy general manager Richard Buss to fill the position of U.S. Partners Manager for the company’s USA Division. Buss, better known in the industry as Rochard, will assist American affiliates and entrepreneurs in implementing and marketing Dating Factory’s white label dating platform. more…

Mar 26, 2012

Dating Factory to sponsor The Phoenix Forum

Dating Factory is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the upcoming Phoenix Forum show at the Tempe Mission Palms. The show starts on March 29th, and representatives from the new USA division of Dating Factory will be on hand throughout the event.

Mar 20, 2012


ATLANTA, GA (March 14, 2012) — Dating Factory is already Europe’s premiere supplier of white label dating sites, and now the successful dating services company has a new permanent presence in the world’s largest market, the United States. Dating Factory has hired Moreno “MO” Aguiari and tasked him with building the company’s business in the US market. more…

Mar 13, 2012

Add your dating sites to Google Webmaster tools

I doubt that anyone can have too much information about their dating sites’ performance. We at Dating Factory are working to give you all the reports and information possible, but it is also worth using third party tracking facilities for better SEO experience.

Do you want to see how search engine bots see your dating site? Do you want to know what errors they encounter in your site maps or robots.txt files? If the answer is yes you need to start using the specialist SEO software that will allow you analyze your dating site and advise about the opportunities you maybe missing out. more…

Mar 01, 2012

Spring is coming: meet us in sunny Barcelona this week

The sunnier and warmer it becomes in Europe the closer the Barcelona summits gets. We are setting off to sunny and hopefully warm Spanish coast today, and will be happy to meet up with those of you who are attending.

Don’t miss the Dating Factory Opening Party in Barcelona – we look forward to seeing you at Shoko on March, 2 at 10 p.m until whenever, it promises to be a great party! more…

Feb 21, 2012

Don’t miss Dating Factory’s new templates

The design trends for cars change every year, for clothes – every season, and for the web – every month. To make sure Dating Factory partners and sites are up-to-date with modern web design trends, we are releasing new designs for the most popular niches on a weekly basis.

Would you like to freshen up your dating site’s design and give your conversion rates a real boost? In this blog post I have created a list of the new templates we already released in 2012, so you could use them for your landing page tests or creating new campaigns. more…

Feb 16, 2012

The power of cross-selling

Cross-selling can be a powerful tool if it’s done correctly. By advertising the two separate but relevant sites, you can make the most of your traffic. Traffic from the site A can visit site B and vice versa.

Here are some tips for cross-selling: more…

Feb 09, 2012

The success of online relationships

People either love or hate online dating. Some say you can’t find true love and some say I never would have reached this point without the internet. We had a look at are UK members to what makes a couple click for the first time and then what made them stick.

Feb 03, 2012

February Focus: New payment solutions and reports on the Dating Factory platform

January has been absolutely the best month in terms new registrations and revenues, and the number of partners who joined our platform. Thank you for making it happen – we wouldn’t have achieved this without you!

Feb 01, 2012

Miami iDate event – what was special for Dating Factory this year

The long flight from Miami with lovely Virgin team gave me the rare opportunity of having time to create a summary for this Miami event.

I asked myself a question – what seemed different this year? more…

Jan 26, 2012

International Awareness Days and other celebrations

Having mentioned the traffic spike around Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a good time to let you know that it’s worth taking advantage of international awareness days too. I’ve created a calendar with awareness days that apply all over the world. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it gives a few that might be relevant to the dating scene and some to particular niches. more…

Jan 24, 2012

Traffic forecast

Last year we saw registrations soar in February and this year we predict they will rocket once again. According to our traffic forecast, registrations should increase by 117% from December 2011. Take advantage of this – it’s the peak of the year, so make sure your marketing is at its best to maximise your revenue. more…

Jan 19, 2012

Use Dating Factory’s promotional tools to advertise your dating site

Here at Dating Factory, we have a range of tools for you to use when advertising your dating site. Here are five of our tools for you to have a look at. more…

Jan 17, 2012

Creating a community

Do you want your members to renew their subscription just as much as you want new registrations? You should do! Give them a reason to keep on coming back – make your site into a community.

Create internal pages to your dating site with content relevant to your niche and advertise them with newsletters. For example, you could have a vegetarian dating website with additional pages containing vegetarian recipes on; or if you had a disabled dating website, you could have an events page and then send the members a newsletter to tell them about it. more…

Jan 12, 2012

Customer Feedback

After a great response on our last member feedback article, we want to make this a monthly occurrence. We often get new partners enquiring about our customer service and so we thought it would be nice to share it with everyone. Since the last post, we’ve had an even better response from our members. We’ve had a high level of matches and a lot of customers that had forgotten how much they enjoy dating. Here are a few messages we’ve received: more…

Jan 10, 2012

Google pay per click case study

One of our partners has kindly consented to let us show you one of his small campaigns that show how one can profitably earn from niches and careful geographic targeting, using only Google pay per click campaigns. It is a very simple campaign and does not take advantage of the many features one can use to optimize the campaign. However it is a good example for those starting out. more…

Jan 05, 2012

Try giving your site a fresh new look

A lot of our partners have been asking us if it is possible to change the picture on the chosen template and if so, how to do it. So we have created this article to give you a hand. By making your site more unique, you are heading in the right direction for creating a strong brand for your business. This gives the members confidence in your site, and therefore you are more likely to get the conversions you want. more…

Jan 03, 2012

Come and see as at the Online Dating Summit in Barcelona!

Dating Factory are sponsoring the Online Dating Summit and will be attending this event again this spring, which will be held in Barcelona 2-5 March 2012.


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