In this blog post, I’ll show you how to build a Facebook page that you can use to post about your
dating sites and start to build a following, by generating “Likes” for your page and posts.

The first thing you’ll need is a Facebook account – if you haven’t got one, it’s quick and easy to set up. If you are uneasy about opening a Facebook account for personal privacy purposes, make sure you set your personal preferences for who can see your profile, who can read your posts and more privacy issues. For more details on this, go here to find out more about Facebook privacy settings.
Once you have your account set up, in the left hand column you’ll see a tab for “Pages” – hover over the tab, and “More” will appear to its right, which you should click on. You will see a screen which looks like this:
Creating a Facebook Page
Click on “+Create a Page” to get started, and this screen appears:
Creating a Facebook Page
I open my pages under the “Brand or Product” category, but choose whichever you feel is appropriate for your page. When you click on the choice, a series of options appear; under “Brand or Product” you are asked to select a category (I choose “Product or Service“) and then enter your brand or product name. It’s worth at this stage checking out Facebook’s Terms & Conditions to ensure that you comply or will comply with what can be stringent conditions, especially adult
You will then get to your “Page Manager” screen, where you can start to add in posts to build some content; this is an extract from a page I am building to promote my website on Facebook, which I’ve called Marketing Dating:
Creating a Facebook Page
I’ll cover how to add images and build “likes” for your page in the next article. If you want to start
experimenting with images, simply click on the “Add Profile Picture” and “Add a Cover“, selecting
images from your computer to upload.
Below is a page I have built to promote my traditional niche dating sites which is more established,
called “Browse Dating Sites” and gives an insight into the type of page you can build:
How to build a Facebook page
When I type in the keywords “Facebook Browse Niche Dating Sites“, my page comes up as Number 1 on both Yahoo and Google natural search results; on Yahoo it comes up Page 1 number 3 for the keywords “Browse Dating Sites” and Page 2 number 5 on Google:
The key message here is CHOOSE YOUR PAGE NAME WISELY as it could yield very good natural search results as demonstrated above.
One important aspect of building a following on your page is to mix up dating messages with other fun and insight posts, which will give variety and interest beyond purely promoting your dating sites to your followers. I would suggest a ratio of 1 dating post per 7 to 10 other posts, to generate variety.
To achieve this, look for other pages and influencers to follow; search on keywords like dating, romance, love and then visit and “like” these pages. You will receive their posts in your newsfeed and you can post any that you want to your own page, with a comment and link to your dating site if appropriate.

In Summary:

  • Facebook pages are a great way to get your dating sites visible on Facebook;
  • Create a page from your Facebook account and start creating content through posts, either your own, or re-posts of others;
  • Work to a ratio of 1 post promoting your dating site to 7-10 other posts which are fun, engaging, thought provoking;
  • Search for other pages and groups based on a keyword search and “like” the pages; you will get posts from these pages in your newsfeed which you can select to re-post.

Good luck!