Google Pay-per-click marketing enables you to advertise on Google, getting your message out to a vast audience of internet searchers.
It is not that difficult to add Google AdWords codes to track conversions on your sites. But do you know that it can also determine which of your keywords generate more sales on your sites? With this knowledge you will be able to deactivate the keywords which burn your money without bringing you a single penny on your ROI.
How do you start tracking which of your keywords brings sales? It’s quite easy, just follow these simple steps.

  • Contact your account manager. Send a request to activate Get-parameters report for your account. Your account manager will then activate this report. When it is done, you will see the new section appear in the report section.
  • Add get-parameters to the link you’re sending your traffic to from your AdWords campaign.Here’s an example of the link to use:{keyword},utm_source: the name of your traffic source (In our case, Google)
    utm_campaign: the name of your campaign (you can label it so you could point out which of your sites the report is referring to. E.g. “Senior” for senior niche market, etc.)
    utm_term: the most important get-parameter here is. As you can see {keyword} macro is tracking this get-parameter. This macro will fetch the keywords that brought the members to
    your site and display them in the reports on your Dating Factory admin panel.

Remember, the more you drive traffic through the link with get-parameters in it, you will gather more data on your keywords performance thus giving you more reliable your stats.
By using this simple technique, you will get your ROI faster as you’ll be spending less on your PPC campaigns.

Take note: Never hesitate to ask your account manager for assistance when you need it.
Nick Dovgopolyy
Senior partner manager