YouTube currently has over 2 billion registered users and is fast growing. For anyone serious about making money online, video marketing is the future. And this is why, we at Dating Factory believe anyone yet to include YouTube (as part of their content strategy), could be missing out.

Offering insanely-huge-amounts of free traffic, Youtube is a giveaway for reaching your target audience.

Here are five reasons YouTube will skyrocket your dating website audience. 

# 1 “70% of YouTubers Has Issues For Dating Factory Sites to Solve”

By now, we expect all affiliates already know YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. (And is owned by Google).

YouTube is no longer considered a place for a quick fix of comedic videos of cats or babies. (Ok, people do still tune it for that).

Youtube is also highly sought after for educational purposes. Astonishingly, 70% of YouTubers turn to the platform to solve a problem. Making it the perfect place for you to swoop in and save the day. 

And… if you think it’s only the kids and millennials tuning in, think again. Did you know 73% of YouTubers are aged 36-45, followed closely with 70% of those aged 46 to 55.

Unlike other social media platforms where the trend seems to tail off with older people…not Youtube.

A whopping 67% of those tuning (into Youtube) are aged 56 and older.

Another reason why YouTube will skyrocket your audience. 

Source: Statista

#2 All Traffic Leads Directly To Your Dating Website 

So, as we already said, Google owns YouTube. Why is this something for you to bear in mind? Because YouTube helps your dating website rank higher in Google’s SERP!  

In case you’re wondering how? Well, you may have noticed in your Google searches that the returned results include videos. This is because Google, (being the best search engine ever!) recognises the value for users in videos. 

Using YouTube, you can develop your SEO strategy and skyrocket your dating website audience. By adopting the right approach with relevant keywords, you can create a popular YouTube channel.

One scoring heaps of traffic which you can then direct to your dating website.   

#3 A 1 second video clip =1.8 million Words For Your Branded Dating Factory Site 

A photo tells a thousand words, so can you imagine the incredible amount of words a 1-second video communicates to your audience? (Apparently, the number is 1.8 million).

Youtube garners a whopping global audience watching 1 billion hours of content each day. 

This is why YouTube is the perfect platform for you to showcase your brand. You can use it to skyrocket your dating website audience by building authority and showing your expertise. 

If you’re wondering what type of content you can use to connect to your audience, the possibilities are endless. Depending on your niche, you can start with short clips, how-to’s or tips relating to your dating website.

And before you ask, the answer is no… you don’t need to hire a video marketing crew. Nowadays, you will find many apps and tools available to help you film and edit your own. 

Ever wonder why corny soap operas are such a success? It’s their consistency. People get into the habit of watching something frequently.

If you record short clips offering your expertise or tips and consistently provide real value… your audience will associate you with your brand and get into the habit of watching you too. 

#4 Spreads Your Brand Like Wildfire 

Have you heard the expression “I prefer to deal with people face-to-face” when solving a problem? It’s because our brains have been wired to retain pictures over words.

Video marketing offers your audience engagement similar to face-to-face contact. Scientific studies have shown that people remember more facts presented to them in a video (and images) than words. A fact substantiated by the rise of how-tos- video. 

This isn’t to say, do away with the blog, on the contrary. YouTube offers an alternative way to engage with your target audience. In a business where engagement is everything… why not tap into a totally new dimension?


by 2022, 82% of consumer traffic will comprise video online marketing. What’s more, (and another plus) Youtube also helps connect your other social media accounts. Allowing you to easily share your videos across the board, helping your brand spread like wildfire. 

#5 Fresh New Users Are Turned On For Your Dating Factory Website

Using a special algorithm, YouTube helps more people find exactly what they’re looking for. This is welcoming news for you because it means the people who actually land on your channel are switched on and engaged meaning…

you’re likely to get more conversions and fresh new leads. 

Did you know that 76% of people are likely to take some sort of acquisition after watching a video?

And another fun fact for you.

Marketers who use video in their content strategy grow their revenue 49% faster than the marketers that don’t! 

What’s more, the YouTube platform supports marketers with tools such as the subscribe button, making it easier for you to capture a wider audience. Get you! 

Closing Words

We hope you see the huge potential for your dating website by implementing YouTube into your content strategy.

Today Dating Factory has given you five reasons, but even just one of these reasons will skyrocket your audience.

Remember…all it takes is one video to garner a following that leads to traffic back to your website. But for that to happen, you have to set yourself up and get recording!  

Which reason would make you consider using Youtube as part of your winning strategy? Tell us in the comments.