As an affiliate, trying to master every marketing tactic to promote 3rd party offers can be complex.

Not to mention taxing on your time. And do not get us started on balancing the ROIs.

But, this is why white label dating can be more profitable for you. With time and hard work, 3rd party offers can make you a ton of money.

However, white label dating can scale your costs, increase your offerings and generate higher revenue and more profits.

If you’re wondering how? Then keep reading as we explain. 

Save Money with White Label Dating 

Whether it is saving you money for localisation, copy, or graphic designers. Make no mistake, a white label dating site reduces a huge portion of your marketing costs. 

A white label dating site means no infrastructure issues for you. No additional outsourcing costs. You instantly reduce the risk of loss that is so often part of the parcel of promoting 3rd party offers.

Moreover, white label owners have been in the industry for years. They have a specialist team of experts with a wealth of insights and tips. And they have all the latest technology and know what it means to become a true partner. 

For instance, years of expertise along with AI technology has gone into designing our customisable niche-backed templates. 

 And since we know exactly what works in the dating sphere and what doesn’t… you save time. And money. 

Dating Factory Helps Grow Your Brand 

Yes, promoting a 3rd party offer will drive profits, but you know what’s even more profitable…

promoting your own white label dating website. 

If you’ve been engaging your audience right, you would have no doubt built up a community (or working towards one). Over time your audience will come to know (and trust)…


That’s right. 


So, sometimes trying to palm them off with a 3rd party may take further convincing impacting heavily on your time and… pocket. 

What’s great about creating your own branded dating site is: it’s your business and no one needs to know you have a white label dating site.  

For instance, here at Dating Factory, all the services handled by us are provided to your users through your brand name. We take care of payments, website infrastructure and much more. 

By taking advantage of all our resources… you can really strengthen your brand and position yourself as the industry leader in your niche. A move guaranteed to add more value to your business resulting in an increase in returns for you. 

White Label Dating Will Elevate Your Capabilities 

Creating a white label dating site will take you far beyond the realms of your capabilities. For instance, a partnership with Dating Factory gives you exclusive access to a highly specialised task force to assist you in your marketing endeavours. 

Taking advantage of such an expansive business opportunity will free you up to make better use of your talents elsewhere, like brand awareness, driving traffic to your dating website, or expansion into new markets. Ultimately leading to more profits for you. 

Often affiliates may not realise when promoting 3rd party offers, you’re a one wo(man)-tasked with managing all the day-to-day activities such as:

  • SEO 
  • Geo-Targeting 
  • Content Management
  • Customer Services
  • Website Development 
  • Data Analysis 
  • Split Testing 

Dating Factory Will Drive Profits For You in Tier 1 & Tier 2

Although lucrative, tier-1 and 2 countries are highly competitive, sometimes promoting 3rd party offers can leave you feeling like you’re in the middle of the ocean competing with the big sharks in the dating industry.  

But, with a white label dating site, you have the opportunity to compete in a heavily saturated market as well as scale your offerings. For instance, did you know a partnership with Dating Factory gives you immediate access to a pre-populated database of 50 million engaged users – worldwide? So, you can serve your clients and gain a ton more. 

Then there’s the added benefit of being surrounded by market experts who are always striving to be the best. 

Dating Factory is always one step ahead of all the goings-on within the industry. A partnership with us will give you leverage over your competitors, driving continual profits for you.  

Final thoughts 

If you’re prepared to work really hard, promoting 3rd party offers will net you considerable profits over time. But… if you’re looking to scale your costs all whilst growing your brand, white label dating can be more profitable for you. If you would like to learn more, get in touch.