You will hardly encounter anyone who does not have a social media account unless they live under a rock. Billions of people use Facebook and Instagram, and why not?

Social media is the defining technology of our age. “Sliding into DM’s is part of modern-day life”. Nothing it seems gets done without social media … including mainstream dating. And where social media ads come in. 

Think about it: After waking up, we scroll through our feed, preferring it to the doom and gloom of headline news. We scroll when we should be sending that email we’ve been putting off since goodness knows when and we scroll our feeds just before drifting off to sleep. 

Interesting, isn’t it? In fact, people mould their lifestyles according to social media trends. 

All hail the power of the influencer! (A topic for another post) 

People from all over the world simulate social media. If you want to increase traffic on your mainstream dating website, social media ads are a great place to harness all your resources and creativity. 

You might be thinking, ‘who cares about social media ads?’ People primarily use social media to relax, scroll or post pictures of what they had for lunch. 

But hold that thought for a second whilst we at Dating Factory share something with you about human psychology. 

Granted, it’s true that most social media ads get ignored, but also valid that influential ads have the power to not only hook your target audience but also direct them to your website. 

So…. human psychology: 

Humans cannot stop thinking about what they desire subliminally, even when they want to. 

The thoughts always find a way through here and there. Tugging away at us like whiny children hanging off our coattails. (And why we bang on about the importance of knowing your audience). Once you genuinely are in tune with what drives the desires of your audience, you can design your ads in such a way that it triggers their repressed emotions.

If you are unsure, don’t worry; by the end of this article, we will show you just how easy it is to attract traffic through social media ads directly to your dating website. 

Social Media Ads:What Are Your Chances?

Let us get to actual numbers instead of beating around the bush, shall we? Facebook is reported to have 2.38 billion monthly users who are pretty active and 1.56 billion users who are super active daily users. 

It is estimated that by the end of 2022, around 43.3% of the world’s population will be active on social media. That’s about 3.9 billion users = A LOT. As a marketer, we at Dating Factory are sure you do not require more proof of why social media ads are a MUST for your marketing toolkit. 

A mainstream dating website is generally targeted towards the youth and the middle-aged population. And luckily… the age group makes up most of the social media accounts. 

Now do the math! It is clear as day, isn’t it?   

Moreover, the COVID pandemic and its many restrictions have forced more people indoors, preventing them from heading out and meeting new people. This has attracted a lot of traffic to online dating websites.

Types of Ads

There are quite a few different ad formats you can use, however, if you’re already fully acquainted, feel free to skip to the next section 🙂

Photo Ads 

You can use a single photo to capture your audience or to visually share the idea you wish to convey. You can opt for landscape, square, or portrait. Just make sure it is aesthetically pleasing and incorporates a great catchphrase. 

People often underestimate the power of a photo in social media ads. Coming up with a clean and attractive photo ad can bring organic traffic to your mainstream dating website. 

Video Ads 

As the name suggests, video ads are aided with visuals and audio. Although video’s speak even more words than photos, you must aim to keep them short and crisp. 

The best way to execute a video ad is to display a scenario highly desired by your audience. For instance, get inside their hearts and show them the bliss of online dating featuring characters much like themselves. 

Also, food for thought: did you know that short-form videos are also 2022’s top trend digital marketing-wise? 

Stories Ads 

Everyone loves stories; humans have thrived on stories through the ages. It’s how we connect. Lean into your creativity and create a series of compelling visuals that profoundly impact your viewers.

These stories can either be photos or short videos and/or an amalgamation of both. All you need to do is come up with the most compelling story ads in order of importance. 

Coming up with these social media ads is a walk in the park if you have decent ideas. All of us today use Instagram and Facebook, and since it requires no technical difficulties, it is super easy to use. 

Make sure you use excellent graphics and thought-provoking words to employ social media to generate traffic to your mainstream dating website. 

Tips For Reaching People 

Reaching Your Target Audience 

Simply, reaching your target audience is the basis of advertising- irrespective of the medium. In the case of social media, it becomes easier for dating websites to reach their target audience (since they make up most of the social media audience). Nowadays, social media is an indispensable part of the millennial lifestyle. 

By targeting your audience, your post is likely to be seen by 100 000’s of engaged people ready to interact with your website. This will result in tons of traffic directed to your site and more conversions.  

Engage and Build Your Community  

Surveys and quizzes help you engage and build a community around your audience. Everyone wants companionship, but some are apprehensive or cynical about dating sites. Come up with engaging surveys and quizzes for them and build trust in your brand. 

These quizzes can come right after a short ad and significantly impact people. The surveys should focus on creating an essential impact on the psychology of your audience- your dating site matches people who are meant for each other or have similar interests. 

Reach Out to Even More People 

Promote your ad post for at least seven days to learn about your audience besides giving it more time on the internet to be noticed. This learning phase can be beneficial for your future marketing strategies. Essentially helping you create personalized marketing campaigns, yes, but the result keeps your audience engaged. And ultimately attracting even more people to your dating website. 

These are effortless ways to either get you started or offer you some ideas. If you still want some more tips, keep reading! 

What Goes into Making the Right Kind of Social Media Ads?

Most important ingredients for social ad-making:  creativity + knowing your audience. These two factors will help your mainstream dating website stand out among the crowd. 

Stay Creative 

As we already mentioned, creativity and insight are crucial for success on social media. The environment has the propensity to make your audience feel like a kid in a candy store. Your goal is to discover what keeps your audience hooked and creatively give them what they want. Make like Willy Wonka! 


Nothing comes off without good research. Creativity alone will only take you so far. You’ll need to make sure you remain up to date with current trends to stay relevant and continue to appeal to your target audience. 

(For a simplified example), in the age of Netflix and MUBI, create an ad that displays a situation where a newly met couple (through your mainstream dating site) vibe over and enjoy the famous shows together. Make your audience the hero of the story. What better than creating an ideal situation for your audience who already have 50% of the happiness enumerated on screen?  

A simple example of course, but that’s how you can use research and creativity to engage your audience and positive brand stories for your mainstream dating site.

Utilizing the Herd Instinct

Human beings cannot function in isolation (well, most of us) and thus have an intense need to belong. Ads that catch and utilize this psychology (and lifestyle) have a long way to go. 

Your ads can simply be direct quotations from satisfied customers of your dating website, and people will instantly connect to it and think- ‘don’t I too want exactly that?’ All the ads that appeal to this sense of the crowd are bound to get you results. 

You can go as low and as high with the content and creatively as you wish. Just make sure that it resonates with your audience.

Dating Factory’s Final Word 

The floor is yours! Nothing is stopping you from creating the best social media ads. 

Using these easy tips can drive an insane amount of traffic to your mainstream dating website. 

Online dating is here to stay, and the market is yours for the taking. All that is needed is to have the right approach, and you’re more than ready to conquer the game. 

Have you included social media ads as part of your marketing?