Common Social Media Mistakes For White Label DatingToday, the success of an online dating business often comes down to how successfully they communicate their worth online through interacting on social media. The problem is, many businesses are shooting themselves in the foot by making these all-too-common and deadly mistakes.

Online businesses know they must be active on social media, but they often fly blind, not understanding the dangers of the most common pitfalls. These dating businesses may be spending a lot of money trying to build a social media presence, or they might be trying to go it alone and failing. Either way, the deadliest of all social media mistakes is not knowing which mistakes YOU are making – and continuing on your way as though nothing is the matter.
Which of These 5 Social Media Mistakes is your White Label Dating Site Making?

How To Engage With Your White Label Dating Audience

Do you know someone who always talks, but never actually listens? Chances are, they probably bored you. And guess what – if you haven’t conducted a comprehensive listening phase to seek out your target audience and find out what interests them, you’re probably boring your dating audience! This means they either stop following you or they don’t engage with your posts, meaning your page withers on the vine. Make sure you’re not just waffling on. Find out just what your people want to hear about!

Too Much Automation

Remember social media should always be SOCIAL! Stop plugging posts into that automation tool you have bought and the time into chatting with your followers. Online marketing these days is all about relationships. You have those, right? If not, it’s probably because you’re acting more like a robot than a human online.

Do Not Buy Followers For Your Dating Business

This goes back to the previous point of being human in your online marketing. The point of social media is not to have a bunch of followers. It’s to have a bunch of meaningful relationships online. If you’re paying someone to give you thousands of social media followers, those aren’t real people. Those are fake accounts who will not interact with your page, will not drive your solutions forward, and will not buy from you. Engagement is key to your dating business.

Posting at the Wrong Times

Most people don’t even realize it matters WHEN you post on social media. For example, did you know that posting on Instagram before 8:00 pm is a sure-fire way to be completely overlooked? Did you know that the best time to post informational items on Facebook is typically around noon on a weekday? Pay attention to when your audience is online, and what they want to see at various times. It can vary from audience to audience, platform to platform, and even from content type to content type.

Why You Should Measure Your Social Media?

If you’re not measuring the success of your social media activities, how are you supposed to know what’s working and what’s not? And if you don’t know what’s working and what’s not, how are you supposed to improve? Studies reveal that more and more businesses are investing in social media, but are frustrated by a lack of ROI due to not measuring key performance indicators (KPI).
Social media is far more complex than most people imagine. Don’t underestimate it! Don’t throw away your valuable time and money flying blind. Watch out for these common social media mistakes and make the most of your efforts.