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Feb 04, 2016

We are all winners together

Dating Factory Win AgainWe are all winners together – Most of you will be aware that the Annual iDate Awards are held in USA each January, with this year’s awards taking place in Miami on 26th January.

Feb 01, 2016

Why Are White Label Dating Sites Better Than Building Bespoke Or Custom Build

Why White Label Dating Sites Are Better Than Custom BuiltAs an online dating entrepreneur or a go-getter with a niche dating business idea your first instinct may be to try the do-it-yourself solutions. After all, that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about, yes? No, not always. In many cases, building a custom dating site from scratch in an attempt to meet the exact specifications of your anticipated customers or members can be a route to failure, because building your own solution or site can lead to:

Jan 12, 2016

How to Market Your Online Dating Content In 2016

How to Market Your Online Dating Content In 2016The world of content marketing and online dating can be challenging, confusing, and frustrating, but at least you can never say it’s boring. There are always new ways of engaging your customers, new trends in competition and user behaviour, and new opportunities to find additional online visibility. The best performers in the dating industry aren’t the ones who can repeat a process efficiently over and over, but instead are the ones who can adapt their approach fluidly and flawlessly as these new trends and technologies take hold.

Dec 21, 2015

Top SEO Strategies for your Dating Site in 2016

SEO Strategies For Online Dating In 2016If you do great work with your (SEO), it could mean a significant amount of revenue for your dating business. It is actually that simple. At the same time, however, it is also an ongoing initiative and needs to be tended and nurtured. Once you generate a steady stream of traffic from SEO to your online dating site, you need to constantly be maintaining and improving your SEO (Search Engine optimization) in order to keep those rankings (SERPs) you have worked so hard for.

Dec 17, 2015

Why Social Media Is Vital For Online Dating Sites

Social Media For Online DatingIf you are a small dating business and you have not yet made the effort to make your dating business known on social media, you are making a huge mistake. The methods businesses are using to market their services and products have changed completely over the last 3 years, and the addition of social media as a major form of marketing is one of the biggest changes. If not the biggest!

Dec 16, 2015

How to get Backlinks for Online Dating

Link Building For Online Dating SitesRelationship building for online dating is the new link building for dating sites and white label dating platforms. Gone are the days of black hat SEO and buying links to boost your way up the rankings; after the various Google updates, the best way—the and only way—is to naturally build links from related, high caliber dating and blog sites through relationship building.

Dec 07, 2015

New Casual Responsive Product now live on Dating Factory platform

Dating Factorys New Casual Responsive Product Now LiveThe product you have all been waiting for is now live!

Our new Casual Niche is available for you to use today. This is a significantly different product as it was designed from the ground upwards in order to give maximum performance and conversion rates for the sites you launch in this niche.

Nov 26, 2015

November Partner Newsletter 2015

Well that’s November nearing its end and winter is indeed coming in the northern hemisphere. However, we don’t want to keep any of you out in the cold, so as always here’s our monthly update so that you know exactly what’s been going on at Dating Factory.

Nov 26, 2015

How To Localise Your White Label Dating Website

How To Localise Your Online Dating Site5 Mistakes Made When Localizing You’re Dating Website. Many online marketers underestimate the challenges involved in localizing an white label dating website’s to chase conversions in more than one marketplace. Once the design and compelling English language content are in place, it just seems logical simply to translate that text and start selling in other many other countries.

Nov 26, 2015

How To Promote Your White Label Online Dating Site

How To Promote Your Online Dating Site5 Online Marketing Tips To Promote Your White And Private Label Dating Templates. Online dating search terms are some of the most expensive keywords you can buy, and the competition in this industry is massive. You can pay as much as £15 per click for even some of the more regional keywords.

Nov 26, 2015

Organic Content Promotion That Really Works For Online Dating

Organic Content MarketingIf you want your future dating members to find your online dating site, creating compelling content is a must. Actually, quality content is the foundation of effective content marketing strategies for thousands and thousands of successful internet dating companies.

Nov 25, 2015

Do you want to know the secret to high CTR banners?

Welcome to PerfectBannerAt Dating Factory we are always impressed by the ingenious ways our amazing partners find to promote their white label dating sites on our platform and we aim at helping all of you improve your marketing efforts with the best tools on the market.

Nov 04, 2015

October Partner Newsletter 2015

It’s that time of the month again when we at Dating Factory let you know what we have been up to and how our activities will benefit our valuable partners.

Oct 08, 2015

Are Keywords For Online Dating Websites Dead Or Alive?

Are Keywords Dead In Google SearchesMany in the digital marketing industry are now questioning whether keywords are still king for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for white and private label dating sites…

Oct 06, 2015

Dating Factory CEO To Speak At iDate 2015 In London

Dating Factory CEO Speaking at iDate 2015CEO of private label dating provider,, will be among the leaders of the online dating industry to speak at the 2015 iDate Conference in London. Tanya Fathers, CEO of Dating Factory, will present at the 42nd international iDate Internet Dating Conference on October 14-16, 2015 in London.

Sep 29, 2015

International SEO for your Online Dating Site

International SEO For Online Dating SitesThere has never been a more critical time to enter the international online marketplace. The domestic market is slowing down, new and emerging markets are growing at speed and the days of the internet being the exclusive domain of UK companies are gone long ago.

Sep 22, 2015

Better Content Marketing For Your White Label Dating Site

Content Marketing For Dating SitesOnline Content is the meat and veg of your inbound marketing strategy. While content marketing and inbound marketing sound very similar in definition, content marketing is actually a part of inbound marketing.

Sep 18, 2015

Lets Meet Up In Europe 2015

Lets Meet In SeptmberYour favourite white label dating provider is going to be travelling across Europe to meet up with as many partners as possible and to spend a bit of fun time with you all.

Sep 15, 2015

Agile Wings has Acquired Dating Factory

Dating Factory Opens New OfficePress Release – Switzerland, September 15th, 2015
AGILE WINGS, the rapidly growing internet investment / incubator firm, has just bought out all the shareholders of DATING FACTORY, an award-winning global top company in the white and private label dating industry, for an undisclosed sum. This was announced today by Sven Breunig of Agile Wings and Tanya Fathers of Dating Factory.

Sep 10, 2015

What To Expect From The Next Google Panda Update

Googles Panda Update And Online Dating SEOAfter some sites have been seeing ranking fluctuations, speculation is starting to build about a potential new Panda update from Google. We’re certainly intrigued as to what a new Panda update could mean for dating websites and content marketers. From what we know so far, it seems that the update will be less of a quality penalization (which we have previously seen) and more of a quality assessment, where Google is re-assessing what it sees as good and bad ranking factors and encouraging dating sites to up the quality of the content on their site.

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