For business owners, calculated and smart financial decisions are crucial for surviving in the competitive market, but the challenge doesn’t stop there. You also have to design an effective strategy that will support your business growth and increase your annual revenue at a steady pace.
Data-driven marketing practices that are well thought are irreplaceable within this context. It’s not enough, however; to simply acknowledge the value of your marketing department. The key challenge comes down to coming up with constructive activities and campaigns that convert and bring real success to your business. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started.

Use Content Marketing to Build Meaningful Relationships

Today, content marketing has become very popular and diverse, so it should not surprise us that up to 89 percent of marketers employ content marketing strategies, while around the half of the remaining percentage plan on doing so in the next 12 months. In addition, experts have become more skillful in means of measuring their ROI. They are finally becoming aware of many tangible benefits original and valuable content can bring – higher revenue included.
A simple thing such as a company blog can help you build brand awareness and draw more traffic to your site, improve sales lead quality, contribute to better ranking position, and boost your conversion rates. Not only will you create more buzz around your brand, but you will also earn more credibility within your industry and more importantly, engage your prospects and build relationships with them.
Strategic content is your most powerful means for creating strong brand recall and establishing trust with both your current and future customers. It is also the foundation of your SEO efforts: It’s recommendable to run a competitor analysis and keyword research in order to come up with search-friendly topics that are also of interest to your target group. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always collaborate with marketing agencies such as Daisy Mountain Marketing that also offers free marketing consultations. This type of digital marketing services offer all-in-one solutions, from keyword research and content production to SEO and even web design and hosting, making it easier for you as a business owner to put your ideas to life.

Personalization is of Paramount Importance

Aligning with the new consumer pulse, marketing has evolved towards the “me selling proposition,” which narrowed the distance between brands and customers. Personalized experiences have become the norm: A whooping 81 percent of consumers expect that brands know when and how to approach them, which makes it extremely challenging for businesses to rise up to the standard. To truly make the most of both your content and paid marketing efforts, you need to segmentize your audience and ditch the one-size-fits-all mindset.
Choosing the right approach can mean a difference between a poor experience consumers have with your brand, and customer satisfaction that leads to increased revenues. For instance, many ecommerce businesses struggle with abandoned shopping carts. But with the power of triggered emails and the right kind of copy, you can actually motivate your customers to proceed with making a purchase.
The best ways to engage your customers are highly dependable on the specific cases, but you can always snoop around for some success stories and case studies to find inspiration and prosper. If you allocate part of your budget to paid ads and you’re not seeing satisfying ROI, maybe it’s time to try something new, such as hyper retargeting. Even if you work outside of the retail industry, reaching out to your customer at the right moment can decrease your churn rate, build brand loyalty, and in the end – boost your revenue.

Social Media is the Main Touchpoint With Your Target Group

Not only is social media amazingly cost effective, but it’s also an important channel of communication with your target group. At its core, social media encourages two-way conversations, and that’s your time to shine.
Besides the company website, your business page is the go-to place for everyone who’s curious to know more about your products and services.
Social media is becoming incredibly useful for customer support. Statistics say that committing to answering questions and addressing complaints can lead to between 20 percent and 40 percent of increased revenue per customer. You can also provide different coupons and incentives that lead to improved sales, integrate your online shop to Facebook, or create an effective call to action for visitors so they can join your newsletter. If you invest an effort to developing your presence on social media, you can also expect betterment in other channels, such as email. Let’s not forget the SEO benefits: Everything you post for the public is indexable by search engines, while social signals still play their role for Google’s complex algorithm.

Over to You

Marketing offers you vast possibilities to build trust with relevant stakeholders. Given the fact that today’s market has become oversaturated, creative brand positioning and an agile approach are probably the two main qualities that will help you rise above the noise. Needless to say, if you prioritize engagement over conversions, you’re likely to end up killing two birds with one stone, i.e. both retain customers and earn money. Remember: Marketing has to be relationship-focused in order for it to truly make an impact and drive revenue to your business.