$2.5 billion. 

That’s how much the online dating industry is currently worth.

$2.5 billion.

Astonishingly even now in 2020, 6% year on year growth is projected for the foreseeable future making dating a lucrative industry.

In terms of making money online,  the “dating” niche is an extremely profitable market.

If you’re thinking:

“I’ll be unable to compete against the likes of  Match.com, Tinder or Bumble”  

You’re forgiven. 

Fortunately, marginalised groups with specific needs have demanded diversity in dating which means: 

by creating your own micro niche dating site you too can get a slice of that $2.5 billion pie. 

Are micro dating niches still profitable? 

Heck yeah! 

Micro dating niches are generating high conversions and in this article we take a look at six using Dating Factory’s white label solutions. 

What is a Micro Niche? 

What exactly do we mean by micro niche? 

Simply put: a micro niche is taking a huuuuge market like dating and breaking it down into a smaller one.  For instance: Black People Meet. is an example of a micro niche dating site, created with the sole purpose of connecting black people together. 

Choosing a niche is an essential marketing step towards creating a profitable dating site. Get this right and your site will become the ultimate babe magnet in attracting the right people.  

Now we are on the same page micro-niche-wise…

grab a cup of something and let’s get started. 

Senior Dating Niche

We begin by taking a look at the super micro niche senior dating. Attitudes to marriage and divorce might have changed over the last ten years. But one thing that hasn’t is: 

humans’ universal need for companionship. 

Millennials might cringe at the mere thought of a couple of “wrinklies”  running around like a pair of lovesick teenagers but since senior dating is proving to be a profitable niche, we would argue love wins!

After undertaking  in-depth research, Senior Dating Agency partnered with Dating Factory. Using our white label solutions, they launched an optimised micro niche dating site in 2010. By taking advantage of a low competitive niche, Senior Dating Agency has recognised the needs of the mature dating community. Moreover, they have been able to tailor their brand to a super engaged audience resulting in higher conversions and netting them over a quarter of a million since their site launch.

Disabled Dating Niche 

Our next example of a micro niche doing big things is disabled dating. Profits attained in this niche demonstrate the level of success for partners and dating affiliates alike in driving high conversions 

One reason behind the dating niches’ success is: 

Although mainstream dating sites are dominating the industry…however with 323 million people using dating sites, they can inadvertently hamper the chances of true love for some groups.

There have been horror stories of unsolicited attention, discrimination and inappropriate remarks aimed at disabled people using mainstream dating sites. 

Disabled dating is a low competition niche and after identifying a gap in the market, disabledmatch.co.uk partnered with Dating Factory and launched their award winning disabled dating site in 2011. 

Mainstream dating sites and apps can inadvertently hamper the chances of true love for some groups.

Since launching disabled match.co.uk have: 

  • Increased monthly revenue by 1625% 
  • Generated $110,000 from initial subscriptions 
  • $190,000.00 income from recurring sales 
  • 223% increase on initial subscription since launch to date 

We are extremely pleased with the service our white label solutions have provided to the disabled community. It’s worth noting Dating Factory’s customised dating sites provide users with online security – features essential to micro dating niches such as disabled dating.

Extra-Marital Dating Niche

Let’s spice things up a little shall we. Our third example of a profitable micro niche is extra marital dating. A  highly controversial niche splitting opinion and even drawing condemnation by religious groups. With that said, there is a market for extra marital dating and it is racking up high conversions. 

Dating Factory’s partner Extra Marital launched an online dating site in 2019. Hookup culture coupled with the swipe ripe mentality has seen this micro dating niche prevail. Extramarital dating is growing in popularity evidenced by the sizable profits generated by partners Extra Marital

Just take a look at Extra Marital’s success since launching:

  • Increased monthly revenue by 1600% 
  • Generated $38,000.00 amount of income from initial subscriptions 
  • $40,000.00 amount of income from recurring sales 
  • 700% increase on initial subscription since launch to date 

US Politics Dating Niche 

Given the huge attention the US elections has garnered this year, we couldn’t resist featuring US Politics as our fourth micro dating niche proving profitable. Many people mightn’t initially connect US politics and online dating together, but with political polarisation on the rise, it makes absolute sense. 

Dating affiliates have made money online by adapting their marketing strategy around conservatism for example, and bringing “Donald Daters” together.  

Did you know after Donald Trump’s triumphant win in 2016: 

By catering to US politics , Dating Factory’s partner American Dating Planet have created a profitable dating site and made a success of this relatively low competition niche. 

If you’re wondering what will happen to the “Donald Daters” now President Trump has lost the 2020 election, read on. 

Interestingly, the micro dating niche covers all aspects of US politics and the model allows users to find a date based on their political standing. For instance, users can select compatible mates through conservative dating or democrats dating.  Moreover, the dating niche caters for liberals and other US political parties too. 

Unlike Donald Trump, US politics dating is a successful micro dating niche proving successful for both dating affiliates and partners, a trend which is set to continue looooong after incumbent presidents.  

So what are you waiting for? 

Make dating great again. 

Dog Dating Niche

What do you get when you cross dog lovers and dating affiliates together? 

Possibly a lot of cuddles and ahhing but 100% without question… 

A high traffic, low competition niche and one Dating Factorys’ partners Dogsrule Doglovers Date have proven profitable. 

Maybe you have yet to hear about dog dating but get to know because it is a micro dating niche driving high conversions right now.  

Below are 10 reasons for the dog dating micro niche success:

58% of US singles own a dog

  • 70% of singles think their dates’ reaction to their pet is important
  • Men who were holding puppies were rated as nearly 27% sexier relative to every other man, as well as 14% more trustworthy
  • 25% think that owning a dog is an asset to their dating life
  • 51% feature at least one image of their dog on their dating profile

Wag, the dog walking app, surveyed 3,500 dog owners and found:

  • 86% would break up with their significant other if they weren’t into their dog
  • 3 in 10 dog parents have used their dog to attract a potential partner
  • 60% say they’ve been flirted with while walking their dog
  • On dating apps, 73% of dog parents are more likely to engage with a person’s profile picture if it includes a dog
  • 78% of dog parents are more likely to go home with someone if they say they also have a dog

Single Parents Dating Niche

Lastly but by no means least,  Single Parents Dating is a shining example of how a micro dating niche can be highly profitable. Similarly to mature dating and contrary to the belief of teenagers everywhere, single parents are not opposed to meeting new people. Yes they may be single-handedly raising kids and may or may not have previously walked down the aisle but if you think they have written off finding love again then think again!  

Now Lonely Parents Date have taken advantage of a relatively low competition, high converting dating niche launching a successful online business across several geolocations. Like all Dating Factory’s partners, LonelyParents.com have invested their time and money honing their marketing strategies to their chosen niche. 

Just as is standard for Dating Factory partners, dating affiliates are also supported with what could be considered the time consuming and expensive elements of running a successful online dating business. Customer Support, Payment Processing and all aspects of site optimisation are exclusively taken care of by Dating Factory. 


The dating vertical is 2020-proof, not only surviving but set to thrive for years to come – confirming love conquers all. In case you’re wondering you don’t need to be a computer whizz or developer to start a successful dating site at Dating Factory. Available in 22 languages, our white label solutions specialises in online dating and caters for all dating niches, this goes for the ones you can imagine and even the micro dating niches you can’t (which is likely since there are many!)

Our creatives and landing pages have been both time and traffic tested to ensure high rate conversions.  Alternatively, there is the option to make money online by joining our dating affiliates network. Better yet and we’ll leave you with this thought: 

Imagine increasing your profits further by promoting our dating offers on your brand new micro niche dating site. 

A match in heaven some might say. 

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