Niche dating sites have grown exponentially in recent years. Given they help more singles find exactly what they’re looking for in terms of a partner, it is hardly surprising. Niche dating allows people to narrow down their search for a partner based on what they deem important. 

Learn more about niches in this post. 

Targeting a specific dating niche will see faster ROI’s and more importantly, profit for you. Before deciding on a niche and becoming a Dating Factory partner, there are important things to include in your strategy when making your choice. 

You will need to consider: 

  • Your interest and knowledge in the niche 
  • The profitability of the dating niche you are interested in
  • Targeting your potential customers

Getting this right will guarantee a successful dating site and in turn more profits for you. In this post, we will go through these strategies to help you choose the best niche for you.

Choosing The Perfect Niche For You

Research has shown that people are drawn to what feels familiar, a fact that has no doubt contributed to the rise of niche dating sites. Niche dating tends to be much more successful for people who can narrow down their options and find exactly what they are looking for. 

With so many interests, hobbies, passions notwithstanding kinks and sexual tastes, how do you go about choosing a dating niche?  

The dating vertical includes:

  • Adult – For people looking for something less serious such as hookup sites and sex dating
  • Casual – For people looking for short term dating options such as finding Mr/Mrs Right Now
  • Mainstream – For people searching for a long-term relationship such as mature Dating, Christian dating etc. 

When it comes to profit, a niche is key. Like with any market, a great starting point is to choose a dating niche within an area you’re already interested in. This makes it easier to become a renowned expert in. 

There are 100’s of niches within dating, niche dating for expats, dog lovers and vegans and vegetarians to name a few. Using Dating Factory’s white label solutions, the choices are endless. Given that we specialise in all dating niches, chances are, we cater for niches you may not have imagined. 

So, give this some serious thought, because running a viable niche dating site will test you. Of course, you want to make money. However, if you choose something you don’t care about or worse – feel uncomfortable with. You’re likely to walk away at the first hurdle.

Quick Niche Dating Prompts

  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 
  • What topics do you enjoy learning about?
  • Are you a member of any groups or organisations? 

Is the Geo Location Profitable?  

When it comes to driving profits, certain dating niches perform better in different geolocations. For instance, the adult dating niche is lucrative in the USA, UK and other Tier 1 countries. 

Another factor to consider before deciding on your niche dating site is the geolocation you intend on targeting. Is it profitable? For instance, in India, the mainstream dating niche is profitable compared with the adult dating niche.  

That said, over 90% of Dating Factory’s partners operate in Tier 1, with niche dating sites such as senior dating, extra-marital and dating for expats returning substantial ROI’s.

Learn How To Woo Your Audience And Boost Conversions

Although Dating Factory produces templates and support in over 22 languages, running a successful dating website, isn’t only about language. Nor is it enough to go after a niche based solely on the numbers. You will need to know everything about your chosen niche to woo your audience and boost your conversions.

The great thing about niche dating is that it’s highly likely your target audience already has a known base where they “hang out” online. Places such as forums, support groups and online communities.

Before you get down to the business of creating your niche dating site, learn their problems and become clear about your solution. 

Identify any gaps currently in the market that you can spin differently. You can do this by tuning in to conversations your potential customers are having.

Familiarise yourself with their dating woes, and other issues. Ask yourself: Can I help this audience with their problems? If the answer is yes, awesome you’re onto a good thing!

Top Performing Niche Dating Factory Dating Sites (based on GEO, Niche & devices) 

Final Takeaway 

Choosing your niche based on your interests and passions, will put you in good stead to succeed in the online dating industry. After all, a highly targeted audience will bring in higher profits and faster ROI’s. 

Sign up and create your niche dating site using Dating Factory’s niche-targeted templates and start making money today.