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Happy Birthday to from Tanya Fathers, our CEO
Milestones for the 1st year of Dating Factory platform
The Key to your success with

Happy Birthday to from Tanya Fathers, our CEO

This time last year we could see the first functional prototype of the system on our internal development servers. This was the official birth of what is now the first truly International White Label dating and Affiliate network that now allows you to create and run your niche dating sites in many languages.

We want to say a big “thank you” to our hard working development team and their dedication, creativeness and abilities to do what no one else has ever done before. We all know that it is always very difficult to come up with ideas, but in fact it’s even more difficult to take existing ideas and turn them around to make it work and bring real success to the business and to its clients.

Launching a successful business in recession was a great challenge on its own. Making it work and produce excellent revenues for our affiliates and partners in the 1st year of launch became possible largely because of our wonderful programmers, designers and project managers who never say “no” and just ask “when do you want it to be done?”

Also our success would not be possible without our dedicated management team:

George Carter

George Carter, VP Marketing,
the head behind the company’s
expansion and marketing strategy

Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison, VP Sales,
always on top of the key
customer relations

Lisa Moskotova (Steshenko)

Lisa Moskotova (Steshenko),
COO, in charge of development
and support sections

Our Master partners: Our marketing expert:
Antonio Vaga

Antonio Vaga,

Thomas Voullemier

Thomas Voullemier,

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

Our partner support and member support teams, moderators, translators, QA and all the other people helping us run Dating Factory smoothly and successfully on a daily basis, 24/7.

Of course, a very special “thank you” goes out to all our partners, because you’re commitment and feedback has been the critical factor in making this a success. Thank you for asking us questions, thank you for pushing us to develop features and tools to help you market your sites, thank you for giving us feedback and working with us as a real team to move your dating business into the future.

Happy 1st Anniversary to everyone at!

Tanya Fathers

Tanya Fathers, CEO

Milestones for the 1st year of

1. March 2009. First functional prototype of the system ready on the company’s development servers

2. June 2009. Launch of the first b2c websites and starting with free offers and small acquisitions to quickly acquire critical member mass for the database worldwide

3. September 2009. Launch of b2b system and the first presentation at iDate London. Tanya Fathers announced as a CEO of Dating Factory

4. October 2009. Easy picture and video upload via webcam launched for members. Direct debit payment method went live for the main European countries. Disabled dating niche market got the attention of the Australian government.

5. November 2009. Dating Factory platform success at Eurowebtainment in Vienna. We are now available in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Lithuanian languages.

6. December 2009. Master partner/Franchise model launched. The big Italian campaign started – franchise went live. We pay our partners twice a month now, and money reserve is cut from 30 to unbelievable 15 days.

7. January 2010. Sponsoring iDate in Miami and launched partners for American market. Beta version of the Affiliate programme came third at the iDate Awards. DatingFactory marketing blog is started.

8. February 2010. Launched European versions of the EasyDate’s brand BeNaughty. Czech, Polish and Swedish languages are now available for partner use on the sites. Explore your member statistics with entry and action date reports.

9. March 2010. Dynamic landing pages and GEO macros – PPC conversions optimisation tools increase conversion rates from clicks to registrations by 11% meaning lower acquisition costs to our partners. Lisa Moskotova was appointed as Dating Factory’s COO.

10. April 2010. Dating Factory 1st Anniversary. Affiliate network first commercial and new Casual dating niche launches are planned for this month. New developments for your member sites – so watch this space!

During the 6 months since the b2b platform launch we have had over 2000 partners join with over 40% of them actively brining in good revenues already. Thanks to our affiliates and partners we have 20% average monthly growth. At the time when our competitors are experiencing a down turn or slowing down of their businesses, due to the of saturation of the main English speaking markets, or struggle to compete with large media buyers acquiring traffic from Google at a high price, DatingFacory gives you an opportunity to expand into new markets and niches where acquisition costs are lower and retention levels are higher.

We do not ask you to stop promoting temporarily and save money, we give you the tools to optimize your promotion and save money.

We do not promise cash bonuses in the future –we give you cash now by giving you the high commission rates and quick bimonthly payouts.

We do not blame market changes for loss of profits as we react to the market and make the changes to the product to ensure that you keep your profits up.

Keys to your success with

1. Instant set up with full customization abilities gets you up and running in a matter of minutes

2. Free bespoke design and unique look and feel promptly created by our outstanding design team for those with established brands or brilliant marketing ideas

3. Unique landing pages technology that allows you to target traffic accurately and track keywords that convert into money

4. SEO friendly architecture gives you great opportunities for long term free traffic

5. Superb reporting system to give you all the information that you need to run successful marketing campaigns.

6. Web.2.0. business-to-consumer front end design and focus on usability and features create pleasant experience for your customers and increase conversion and retention rates

7. Covering over 10 languages with more to come, to help you get into the highly profitable non English speaking markets

8. 3 main niches General Dating, Casual Dating and Adult dating gives you the opportunity to cross sell to your database

9. Take Cross-selling one step further – unique database setup lets you up sell different niche markets to your members inside one niche. For example invite your over 50s members from your general dating site to the special Senior dating site. They will not get an error “your email is already in the database” and there is a large chance that your members will pay again and again joining different niche markets

10. B2b opportunities for qualified partners

11. Run your own affiliate network – give longer life to your dating business. Manage your affiliates and let them earn for you

12. Sell advertising on the external or internal pages. Upload your own banners and text links

13. Read our marketing blog and contact us for customized marketing help and advice

14. Tell us your ideas, and we will put them into development – anything that helps you make money we treat as a top priority

We are all experienced web marketers, and have created the system that we always wanted ourselves when we used to run our own dating sites on other white label platforms. Now we are completely focused on growing your dating business and want to ensure your success.

Remember – we make money only if you do!

With love,

Dating Factory Team