White and Private Label Dating Platforms
The online dating industry is a highly competitive one, and while running a web-based venture can be extremely lucrative, it requires a lot of hard work and a helping hand to ensure profitability. When it comes to finding this success online, the quality of your product or service can only take you so far and to really thrive you must get noticed and earn respect. This involves having a clean and well-performing website, a prominent position in the search engines, a very strong social media backbone and a web-hosting provider that can help your business grow. Of course, if you have no IT experience, implementing each of these factors is going to prove almost impossible. This is where Dating Factory’s white label dating platform can help.

What Is White Label Dating?

White labelling is commonly associated with foodstuffs and consumer products in the retail world, whereby one company produces something that the retail company puts across as their own. With business now well and truly in the digital age, such services are now provided online with companies working in the background to provide essential services that can boost your business.
White label products can be of tremendous benefit to your online dating business as well, and below are seven reasons why.
1. Employing Skilled Expertise
The first way in which white and private label dating platforms can boost your business is through the skilled expertise that is provided. Getting your business noticed and turning a profit online requires a particular set of skills – skills that only dating experts can provide. Whether its search engine optimisation, social content marketing for online dating, web hosting, or web development, Dating Factory knows how to get results, the effects of which will be long lasting and very profitable.

White Label Hosting

2. Efficient Web Hosting
Running a website requires hosting. To do this yourself will require the installation of some high-end hardware for your web server, a high-speed internet connection running 24 hours a day, some top antivirus software, and knowledge of how web hosting works. Self-hosting, as it is known, is time consuming and pretty costly; using a web-hosting provider, on the other hand, is anything but. White label hosting with Dating Factory offer’s all the hardware and software you need, speedy internet connections, server backups, real-time virus protection and 24-hour support.
3. Social Media Marketing
Social media has become arguably the most important marketing tool of all, allowing you to promote your business and interact with customers. To really benefit from the increased exposure and enhanced authority that social media can give, it is important that campaigns are operated across all major social networks.

Responsive Dating Templates

4. A Well Performing Website
Today’s internet users take no more than a few seconds to make their minds up about a website. If your site does not immediately grab their attention, they will simply click the back button and move on. It is therefore essential that you have a website that performs as well as it looks. To do this you will need to hire an expensive web design and development specialist that can work with you to produce a website that your brand deserves.
Or you can use Dating Factory’s tried and tested dating templates and the best dating platform on the market.

Online Marketing for Online Dating

5. Improved SEO
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of using specific techniques to increase the ranking of your website within the major search engines. Featuring on the first page of Google is essential if you want your business to be successful. Our white label dating platform has the tools to help make this happen; using content, keywords, back linking, choosing the right dating domain and numerous other methods that most of us do not understand, to give your site maximum exposure and put your business ahead of the competition.

Affiliate Marketing for Online Dating

6. Affiliate Marketing
Get the pros doing the promotion for you on a commission basis! Affiliate marketers are experts at the whole online traffic generation and optimization, so why not enlist their services to promote your site for you and pay them on a performance deal. As a White Label dating site owner, chances are that Media Buying and optimization are just one of the million tasks you have to do in one day, along with PR, Social Media, Design, Banner creation etc.
Affiliate Marketing allows you to spend the same budget you would otherwise spend on Media Buys or AdWords and utilize it to pay specialized labour who will promote you on a performance basis in several business models like CPL (Paying them per lead), CPA or PPS (paying them based on a registration or sale) or a Rev Share (where you both become long term business partners).

How to Stay Safe Online Dating

7. Keeping You Safe Online
Making sure that you’re safe online is vitally important and even more so with Online Dating. Sadly there is a small group of individuals who prey on the single and lonely online. Stopping all the scammers is next to impossible, the key is educating people to the dangers.
The best white label dating platforms use technology to detect patterns and trends, to spot the scammers before they can damage people’s lives financially. Datingfactory.com for example use an in-house team to manually check and approve or delete profiles of all new users based on a risk score which has been built on internal knowledge and the leading fraud detection software.
To the outside world, the work of the white label dating provider is not seen or heard, all the credit is awarded to you and your brand; but it’s OK – that’s just the way we at Dating Factory like it!