Hi fellows,
2013 was very successful year for most of you and really great for Dating Factory!


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Manager Eastern Europe
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I will never be tired of giving thanks to you for that year of hard work, ingenious promotion campaigns and marketing approaches. Many thanks for knowledge and experience you gave us in our co-operation.
I hope that our assistance, support and tips also gave you good help 🙂

I’m sure that 2014 will be the year of many victories, great work and big payouts for you dear friends. And to give us a good start I ask you to vote for Dating Factory at iDate Vegas:

As Best Technology Provider and Most Innovative Company and for our Best affiliate site – Relationship.com

Conquer new markets!

Most of our partners have stable positions in their local markets, regions and countries. Everything seems to work fine and regular payouts prove that. However I’d like to encourage you to broaden your outlook and take a glance at the markets of other countries, niches, even languages that are adjacent to your current traffic. For example for traffic from Brazil would be great take on Portugal, Spain, etc. Interracial dating niche would help you to cross-promote new sites for your regular traffic and encourage your members to pay again.

Our homework to answer all your common questions.

Over the last few months, we have been making a course of tutorial videos covering a vast array of areas like how to set meta tags on your dating site, HTML, generating reports and so many more. We will steadily be adding more as time goes on, so be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube:

The European Summit – Barcelona!

You can register as an affiliate for FREE to go to The European Summit in Barcelona from March 5th till March 8th 2014. This will save you a huge 350 Euro at the door. This offer ends February 15th 2014!

What makes a good image for your site?

Imagery on your site is hugely important. People pay attention to what’s there so if you have a bad picture it will put people off, so here are a few tips I give out when I am asked about this as I very often am.

  • It must be relevant – if you have a niche site then make sure your image is actually to do with this niche. For example if you are running a vegetarian niche don’t have people eating steak! It also helps to make sure it doesn’t clash with your theme colours.
  • Keep it natural – there is nothing worse than a badly staged photo. If the couple on your site look like they are uncomfortable or don’t seem to be a real couple then people will notice this. And the more natural the environment and the people then the more your prospective member will have trust in your site.
  • Try and avoid pictures of people that look at you. This may sound like a weird thing to say, but hear me out! If someone is looking at you, where do you look? Their eyes right. But this isn’t where they should be staring when on your site, you want them concentrating on registering and drawing their attention to getting them to sign up.

Here’s our very own tutorial video on changing the image on your site to give you a helping hand:

If you want to use your own stock image you have bought, remember to keep your invoice! And if you are giving us images to use in a new design we will need copies of these in order to use the images on the site.

One important note on images is to try and keep them as small as you can, but not too small – it’s a balance! A larger image will affect your download speed which could also affect your search engine rankings so be logical about the changes you want to make.
Let’s keep on rocking and make this year even better than 2013!

With best wishes in 2014,