The shortest month of the year is now over, and the weather is cheering us up a bit, so it’s time for fresh spring announcements and a lot of excitement going forward this season.

This is one of the longest newsletters ever, but we hope it is also one of the most interesting ones. In this issue we are pleased to announce several new promotional tools, languages launched, new age templates, Facebook connect application, and a very touching story of how our disabled sites help disabled singles find love.

Let’s start with the last one – disabled matchmaking as seen on TV!

Disabled matchmaking – the new angle

Disabled matchmaking – the new angleFebruary was a great month for the dating industry and we all celebrated our professional holiday – St. Valentine’s day.

But for one of our partners – certified matchmaker Ann Robbins – it was a very special day indeed. Her great site appeared in the CBS news right on February, 14th.

We feel very proud that and many other sites on Dating Factory platform help disabled singles find love, and get a chance of living fuller lives with their soul-mates.

Keep up the great work, and keep sharing your achievements with us!

The first new age template launched for the Cougar dating market

The need to adjust dating sites to different geographic and cultural markets’ needs is becoming more and more obvious and urgent. We have launched a unique template model where different designs can be used for different languages on one site/URL.

There is no need to create different sub-domains for different countries now – just change the language and the picture will change to one more suitable for the target audience.

The new age template is now available for the Cougar dating niche – more of them to come in the nearest future for other niches.

Cougar dating

You can create such templates yourself – just use different CSS files for different language options, and create your own unique designs. Dating Factory system allows for a lot more customization than any other dating platform out there, so everything is in your own hands!

Facebook registration/connect plugin is now available to all partners

Facebook connect/registration plugin was officially launched on Dating Factory platform last week. It’s a great tool for over 500 million active Facebook users that allows them to register on your sites using their Facebook profile information. Dating application will gather all the available data, and request to fill out rest of the information after confirming their email address.

Where can you add this plugin on your site? Generally, {%FacebookLoginMacro%} is available for adding to any page of the site, but we advise to use it on the Front page and Login page where you need to convert visitors into to site members.

In order to activate the plugin on your site, just go to Sites Edit Advanced settings (this is the new section that will soon have many options that were not available before):

Facebook registration/connect plugin

Choose where you want to activate the plugin, tick the boxes and save. As always – check your sites on the preview version and publish if you like what you see!

Please NOTE: if you want to activate the plugin not only on the menu, but also on the front page, do not forget to add the macro into the front page code in the “Front page (advanced)” section.

Revolutionary promotional tools have arrived

To help you promote your sites more effectively and get even more control over the dynamic parts our team was working very hard to launch new promotional tools this March. What are they?

If you go to Sites Edit Promotional campaigns, and there you go to “add/view” promo tools for one of your campaigns, you will see the “Remote forms” we’ve prepared for you:

Revolutionary promotional tools have arrived

All these forms help you build landing pages outside Dating Factory system used for directing traffic to your DF sites.

Login form works as a remote login – just place it on your page, and people will be able to put in their login credentials and get directed to your site on our platform.

Quick search form allows you to give people the possibility to choose search parameters on your site, and then get directed to view search results on your DF site.

Registration form allows you to gather people’s details without them clicking into the site – straight on the landing page you created. The great thing about it is that you can hide the fields you don’t need, pre-fill some fields for your user (if you are for example sure that all the people are coming from Spain), so they don’t have to do it, and set default parameters where you are not so sure – just tell the form what you need to do, and it will do it for you:

Registration form

In this example the registration form will look as follows:

Registration form

We have used default value for first two fields in the form (can be changed by the user), hid date of birth to be asked later, screenname, password and email address were left as they are. We selected that all the people who register will look for Heterosexual females (they will be able to change this later in their profile), and selected the default country that they can change if they like. Region and City were hidden and will be asked when the user hits “Submit” – the same as date of birth.

This mechanism allows you to create more compact registration forms, pre-fill some details for your members, and leave other ones for later.

All comments and enhancement ideas are welcome as always – your feedback matters the most!

Administration area is now also in Spanish! German and Czech are to come next

We are always pleased to announce the features that will help you work with your sites in a faster and more convenient way.

This time we have translated administration area into Spanish as many of our partners have requested this lately.

All the information is now available in Spanish, and tutorials will be uploaded to the Spanish version within the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Administration area is now also in Spanish!

Phew! It was probably the longest newsletter we have ever released, and there is even more news that we haven’t shared with you yet.

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