SEO Strategies For Online Dating In 2016If you do great work with your (SEO), it could mean a significant amount of revenue for your dating business. It is actually that simple. At the same time, however, it is also an ongoing initiative and needs to be tended and nurtured. Once you generate a steady stream of traffic from SEO to your online dating site, you need to constantly be maintaining and improving your SEO (Search Engine optimization) in order to keep those rankings (SERPs) you have worked so hard for.

The two most important items needed to rank well in search engines are links to your website and the actual content – the hard part is creating the great dating content and generating those back-links. It is also important to note that Google, the largest search engine, has hundreds of ranking factors with some factors having more weight than others and does not hold a lot of love for online dating businesses.
So here are 4 important SEO strategies outside of the basics that are vital to getting to, or staying at, the top of the search engines in 2016.

SEO Strategies for Online Dating Sites

1. Find an online dating influencer who is a subject-matter expert.
An influencer is someone who people listen to online. When it comes to search engine optimization, having an influencer in your corner will mean more people link to your dating website, share your blog posts and trust your online content. If possible, have an influencer who is a subject-matter expert head up the content creation on your website. This person can be you, someone from your company or someone you align with. This is also known as relationship building and in the eyes of Google is a positive SEO attribute.

Content Marketing for White Label Dating

2. Develop your content marketing strategy.
Every dating website should have a content strategy focused around the top keywords. When you create content such as blog posts, videos, whitepapers, research reports and webinars, it gives people something to link to. In addition, the content you create can rank by itself in the search engines. For example, if you write a blog post on “How to pick a white label dating platform,” there is a possibility it will rank for some of the keywords you use in the title and in the body post, especially if the post gets linked to from other websites or shared a lot on social media. It also helps if your website as a whole already has significant high-quality links.
This results in a higher domain authority, which translates into better rankings for all of your content. In addition, regular content creation shows Google that your website is alive and very active. By sending this fresh content signal to Google on a continual basis, it will result in better rankings for your website as a whole as well as the pages you have created.

Backlinks and Relationship Building

3. Generate powerful backlinks to your site and pages.
Having an influencer and content marketing strategy will help you develop backlinks to your dating web, but it is also important to actively be seeking other ways to get people to link to you. Some of the best ways to do this are to write for a large publication, industry interviews and recommend your powerful content to people who matter.
In addition, you can also use tools like Majestic SEO to see who is linking to your competitors. Once you identify the links to your competitor’s sites, you can analyse these links, learn how they got them and implement a similar strategy for your website. For example, did they donate to a charity causing the charity to link to their site? You can do the same thing.

Mobile Friendly Dating Sites

4. Get your dating site mobile ready.
In 2015, there was a major Google update known as Mobilegeddon. This meant that if you did not have a mobile version of your website by April 21, 2015, you lost a significant amount of your rankings in the mobile version of the Google search listings. Moving into 2016, your website needs to be mobile-ready. There are three types of accepted options for a mobile site in Google’s eyes: responsive design, being set up on a mobile sub-domain or use dynamic serving.
When it comes to SEO in 2016, these are some of the most important items you can focus on. Make sure you are adding fresh, high-quality content and generating back-links. Also, make sure you website is mobile ready and fully secure. Outside of this, it is also important to follow normal SEO best practices as much as possible.
Good luck to you in your SEO in 2016.