June has been a great month for the Dating Factory development and marketing teams, and for you Dating Factory partners too. First of all – new member registrations were never that high giving us 15% boost to the new payments amounts – well done to all! In spite of the summer being a quieter season than the others for dating industry, we are seeing great upward trends in both registrations and payments that is of course a good sign. Furthermore we expect this growth to become exponential as we came back from iDate in Los Angeles with some new big deals in hand – we will keep you updated about it in our “Management insider” blog and upcoming press releases.

We also keep working on improving our system based on your comments and requests – to give you more opportunities to promote your sites and other brands on Dating Factory platform – and make it even easier than before.

Create your own custom reports and receive them by email daily, weekly or monthly

We are happy to announce that Dating Factory’s development team has finished working on the Reports section of our admin! Now you can do anything YOU like with your reports…

Add/remove columns:

Add/remove columns

Save customized reports with filters – choose your filters and columns and save the report as a template:

Save customized reports with filters

Schedule to run and email reports for the set time frame to any email address as .csv or .xls files – daily, weekly or monthly:

Schedule to run and email reports

Analyzing your sites’ and campaigns’ performance has just got even easier than before – and this is in addition to our extensive filters and reports breakdowns. Now you have all the tools you need to make your marketing efforts a great success.

Dutch language is available now for your dating web-sites

Another piece of great news is coming from the new markets field. The Dutch dating market is one of the best converting in Europe and even without having Dutch language on the system we had good results in Netherlands.

Now we have launched Dutch language, opening up further opportunities for you to create your dating sites with the .nl extension or just add another market to your advertising campaigns!

Dutch language is available now for your dating web-sites

Please remember you will spend much less on the advertising campaigns in national languages than you will spend in English – and therefore you will get a much better ROI from national language campaigns!

Five SEO Tips from our marketing expert Tim Taylor

We were writing more about paid advertising on our marketing blog, but this time we decided to open up a discussion about SEO and its best practices.

Our marketing expert Tim Taylor explains what you need to do to prepare your site for search engines in the first article about search engine optimisation.

He advises you to pay attention to keyword research, and use multiple sources such as Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends and Insights for Search. If available, use PPC broad match and Google Analytics filters to see what short & long tail key phrases people are actually searching for, and which ones are converting on your particular site.

Create your own unique content – it will provide you, at the very worst, more possible long-tail terms to have your site ranked for. So resist the temptation of copying and pasting (or scraping for that matter), as you won’t be doing yourself any favours for search engines, or adding value for those users you’ve fought so hard to wrestle away from the competition.

Always check the publication dates of SEO Tip blog posts you find on the search engines. Reading blogs and forums is essential to staying up-to-date and researching others opinions, theories and studies on search. Especially if you’re a newcomer to the search field, it’s important to check the date of the information you’re reading – you don’t want to be out of date before you start!

Read the full article on our Marketing blog, and over the coming weeks, we’ll add to these SEO tips, but if you have any of your own, we’d love to hear them & publish them giving you full credit of course!

New ECRM offers to boost activity on your sites

And of course we keep enhancing the member engine that helps us increase conversion rates even during summer and Football World Cup in South Africa – when people are either on holidays or watching football!

3 Days Gold membership is now being offered for those who haven’t paid on your sites for quite a while. Members can have full access for 3 days for a smaller fee before committing to something longer than this.

Also to encourage female activity on all niches, after their first month of free Gold membership is over, we are happy to give them an additional three months of Gold membership if they upload a photo or video of themselves or even take one with their webcam!

We are feeling the effect of these two offers that we launched in the beginning of the month – and we are sure it will bring the activity up on the sites this summer!

These are the most exciting news items for June, and we will keep you posted about the new developments and opportunities on our platform on a bimonthly basis!