The on-line industry is developing so quickly that the only accurate source of the info is the web space with rapid hourly updates on everything. We now use our laptops/computers/tablet as our principal working tools, and the ever-present internet connects us with business from all over the world.

When working internationally,location is no longer important but the way you choose to organize your workspace is.

Many of our partners have a work-from-home experience as a conscious alternative to the traditional office workplace. It would be difficult to disagree with the obvious advantages: friendly home environment, no stress and exhaustion associated with fighting your way through traffic, flexibility in setting your own hours, you can work having your cat purring on your knees…

Being a human being means that we are greatly dependent on things surrounding us, and a properly organized work space makes work more efficient. Should you happen to work from home during the day or in the evenings, make sure the points below are met:

1. I have organized my workplace in the part of my home where nobody will disturb
     me for their home related needs.

2. I protect my working hours from the things I need to do for my home and family.

3. I am not available for my friends and relatives during my working hours.

4. I do not work in my pajama.

This is not a recipe for success but a way for you to fine tune yourself to a business regimen and make the most out of your working hours. Especially now since DF has started a new monetization campaign!

News: DF launches exciting Ads Campaign to monetize all your traffic, including visitors

Our daily task is to convert your existing traffic into revenue. In order to sustain a successful partnership, we have designed a campaign beginning this week that will allow you and DF share the revenue 50/50. The cost per impression model selected for the campaign will ensure that you benefit from all the traffic your sites are experiencing.

Do you need to do anything to be included into this lucrative campaign? No, you are already there and right now you are earning more money from the same traffic. Of course, you always have the option to disable this campaign in your admin, but we think if you test it out over the next month you will be very happy with the results.

DF has selected the best partners to work together on this project, and we are absolutely excited about the results. We will be adding new reports into your admin this spring so that you can track your results for this as well.

As your partner, we respect the effort and time you spend with regard to increasing your traffic, and it is only fair you get the most out of it. DF is probably the only platform that values your effort at the unique visitor’s level.

Not sure how you can drive more traffic? Find the answer on our marketing blog where Steven John Bolton continues to share his experiments on landing pages and keyword.

Marketing: Template Performance and Split Testing

In our previous article on Tracking Conversion Performance, Steven referenced an exercise that was run between October and November 2012 to understand conversion performance based on the first touch point by the visitor, either the home, registration or log-in pages.

Steven talked through some best practice for Adwords campaigns and how to set up essential conversion tracking on campaigns to get visibility of the conversion performance of individual ads, known as “split testing”, and individual keywords. This is vital when you are running any paid traffic campaign, and there will be more on other paid channels to market in future articles. For now, the conversion results Steven will share with you are based on Google PPC campaigns. Read more…

With all the best wishes,
Dating Factory team

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