Business success is closely associated with competition, and each company (regardless of size, because in this instance size truly doesn’t matter) faces competition long before they enter the market. The critical point of any business plan is how you are going to deal with competitors. So even if you have not started your business yet, you already have your first obstacle – competitors. The people who are in the same market as you are and who do the same business, right?

There are thousands of companies who produce the same or very similar goods and service, and there are millions and millions who consume these goods and service daily. What drives people make a choice and decide the fate of year-end bonuses for thousands of marketers?

The correct answer is customers’ preferences! The likes and dislikes of your customers define your success! If you do not like spinach, there is no advertisement in the world that will make you start eating spinach 5 times a day! Even if you were to receive a free sample of spinach, there is no way you will ever start paying for it. But if you decide to sell spinach, what is the first thing you think about? Good God, who likes spinach? Now you are on the right path!

The true competition is not between you and other sellers, but between your intentions and your actions. Have you done enough to find your customers? Did you make sure your customer can find your product?

Focusing on the past is always waste of time if you are not a historian, but reading our marketing blog is a step forward for your marketing activities.

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Visual merchandising is vitally important for dating sites. Your visitors spend less than 5 seconds on a site before deciding to read the page or leave the page. The rule is “you have 5 seconds in order to attract the attention of your customer.” Do you know what keeps people on pages? Steven Bolton does, and he is going to share it with you.

News:New Niche Market – USA Politics

Another crucially import thing to consider with competition is adding something special to your product. We conducted a little research for you and found that it is a fact that niche sites have a smaller number of competitors. So why start with a market full of competitors? Start with smaller markets and make yourself very-very special to your customers.

Dating Factory continues to open new markets, and this January we have launched a new niche market – USA Politics. Be among the first to offer this product in the dating market.

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