Dating Factory keeps growing from strength to strength, June was another records for sales despite the summer season.

This is because the development team has done a fantastic job and delivers improvements, month after month, that increase conversion and retention, making our partners more money than ever. Also to thank is the support team support team who makes it easy and convenient for partners and users to work with the system and maintain unrivalled service quality levels. The executive team keeps on investing and driving the business forwards with new ideas and is committed to making the best private label dating platform even better and more profitable for our partners.

The fact that our private label platform is being copied by the competition just proves that Dating Factory is the best and the most technologically advanced system on the market. It continues to set trends and standards for the business! We are not surprised when we come across the interfaces that use not only the structure but even name things the same as they are named in Dating Factory admin – we are just too good not to be copied.

So what have we prepared for you this time?

Benefits of niche marketing – new vision of the old truth

First of all – a great piece of advice about niche marketing and why you should be using niches on the Dating Factory platform.

As you may already know using dating niches is a way for you to differentiate yourself from the masses, obtain better conversions and to make marketing cheaper and easier. Rather than build a one size fits all site, break it down into sectors based on location and demographics, it will help you find sources to promote your site at a much lower cost than trying to go national or global from the start.

Of course the main thing is the ability to create a true niche – not just using a set of filters or even worse – the niche front page only – like various solution and platforms do. True niching is a very difficult process of identifying the extra needs of the niche market users and customizing the sites to meet their expectations.

Creating the niche front pages and tying them into the global databases just doesn’t work as your niche traffic will not convert into paying members, they will be disappointed when, after registering, they find they are on another general dating site instead of the niche one they were looking for.

Just filtering the database and or limiting the communication ability is not enough either. Imagine you were a vegetarian and looking for other vegetarians to date. Wouldn’t you be interested in what type of vegetarian practice your future partner adheres to? If you were a sports fan wouldn’t you want to search by the kind of sport your prospective date played or watched?

True niches require clever setup and market knowledge, plus an advanced technology behind them. That is why Dating Factory team carefully plans niche releases and works with target groups in the database before launching them.

You can read more about niche marketing on our marketing blog and leave your comments about your success or problems you encounter with niching on the Dating Factory private label and affiliate platform –

Dating for marriage niche market is launched

Continuing the subject of niches and their correct setup, and following on our commitment to a global market place which does not only mean adding languages but also taking into account cultural diversity, we are ready to present you with our newest niche market release – Dating for Marriage niche.

This niche carefully filters out members who are seriously looking for marriage only on the platform. This niche is extremely popular in Middle Eastern and Eastern cultures including the Japanese dating market, so if you have some traffic from there or a targeting a particular cultural demographic, this is a great niche to consider.

Dating for marriage niche market is launched

New banners to promote Dating Factory via the referral program

Many of you have realized how beneficial the referral program is – by driving other webmasters towards Dating Factory platform. This way you not only build up the common database in your market and increase the conversion and retention rates, but also add a continuing revenue stream to your partner income.

To make recruiting sub-partners easier we have added more Dating Factory banners to your Referral section of the admin:

New banners to promote Dating Factory via the referral program

Just add your referral code to the DF link and start making more money right now!

Some tips on the dating site design

We see that every day more and more partners create their own unique designs for their sites – some based on our generic templates, some –on the dynamic macros we provide for the pages. It is great news, and we would like to expand on this trend and take the opportunity to give you some tips on how site’s design influences your success.

The first thing to consider is how visitors are going to react in the first few seconds they see your niche dating web page. On the web we have to grab attention quickly to keep the visitors on the site long enough to communicate our message. The more attractive the dating website’s front page, the more attention it gets and the longer the visitor stays. The general layout, the logo, the color combination of the site plays a major role whether a person coming to your website stays on it long enough to read the site or bounces straight out.

Color has a large impact on the first impression, there are many articles on the subject on the net which are worth reading for example is all about the psychology of colors.

Layout is another important factor as is navigation. People in the western world generally read from top left to bottom right so you want to capture their attention early on and tell them briefly what your site is about on the top left. Try and make your niche dating keywords stand out by making them bold and Capitalizing them.

Experiment with various landing pages that you can set up in Promotional campaigns – change the look and test it with your PPC ads campaigns or other traffic sources. Make sure that you test the dating landing pages with similar traffic otherwise your results will have no marketing value.

Dating Factory private label and affiliate platform has all the necessary tools to help you win against the competition and succeed on the dating market – you just need to use admin interface to its full potential. Experiment, innovate, talk to your account manager and you will see the results of all that hard work you are putting into your dating sites!

For the other site design tips take a glance at the latest article on the Dating Factory marketing blog –

This is all the news for the beginning of July, and we hope you liked our new fresh home page design at! Please let us know if you would like to see your face and your success story on the front page, and we will be happy to add it there!

Stay in touch and also monitor the gay sites performance if you have any – we have implemented new logic there that should improve your conversion rates quite a lot! So if you still don’t have any sites on these niches it’s time to create some!

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