The first thing to consider is how visitors are going to react in the first few seconds they see your niche dating web page. On the web we have to grab attention quickly to keep the visitors on the site long enough to communicate our message. The more attractive the dating website’s front page, the more attention it gets and the longer the visitor stays. The general layout, the logo, the color combination of the site plays a major role whether a person coming to your website stays on it long enough to read the site or bounces straight out.
Colour has a large impact on the first impression, there are many articles on the subject on the net which are worth reading for example is all about the psychology of colours.

Choose your colour wisely

It is important to choose the right colour for your target audience, for example neon colours appeal to a younger generation while autumn colours are more appropriate for senior audience. Also there are cultural differences in the use of colour so for example white is related with purity in the US while it is related with death in Japan. Similarly pink is associated with femininity in India while it is considered to be a representation or an advertising colour for adult movies in Japan. Red is associated with boldness, desire and excitement but be careful , it is also represents alarm in the western world,  danger in India while in China it is associated with prosperity and joy. Orange is associated with low cost in the western world (don’t ask me why but check it out when you see an orange site it will be trying to promote some bargain deal)
Blue is a universally liked colour by both men and women and inspires trust but it can also be cold so use it with caution. Black is, especially in design, an elegant and stylish color which can imply sophistication and strength as well as quality, or provoke feelings of mystery. However it is not so popular with women as it is with men. It is also associated with depth or gloom.
When you are sure about your dating or adult dating site colour scheme use the very handy tool that we have developed for you to adjust your initial design. When you login to your account on Dating Factory private label and affiliate platform just go to the “Sites” menu, choose the site from the list and press the “Edit” button. On the left you will see the editing options – you need to choose “Theme” to choose the basic theme and “Colours” to go into the site colour palette and adjust your design colours very easily:

Website Colours

It is simple and easy to use, but if you are unsure how to work with the palette, just read our tutorial at
Layout is another important factor as is navigation. People in the western world generally read from top left to bottom right so you want to capture their attention early on and tell them briefly what your site is about on the top left.
Try and make your niche dating keywords stand out by making them bold and Capitalizing them. Also on the top provide some way of navigating through your site to relevant pages that you want them to go to, such as login, register, sometimes contact or a product page. Nothing annoys people more than having to dig around your site to find what to do next.

Picture This

A picture says a thousand words so you should have an attractive picture relevant to your site and demographic target in a prominent position and a call to action stressing a benefit (free registration, meet people now etc.) all above the fold (means on the top part of the site before you need to scroll down). On the bottom part you can put text and other reading or browsing material which is of secondary importance. Remember, your landing page has to grab attention first and it should be designed to make the visitor stay, and then take the next step practically intuitively. To adjust its look and feel go to the Front page (advanced) section of the admin interface or even design your on registration form and profiles feed via the Promotional campaigns option. Unsure how to do it? Your account manager will be there to help you at any time.
Experiment with various landing pages that you can set up in Promotional campaigns – change the look and test it with your PPC ads campaigns or other traffic sources. Make sure that you test the dating landing pages with similar traffic otherwise your results will have no marketing value.
Dating Factory private label and affiliate platform has all the necessary tools to help you win the competition and succeed on the dating market – you just need to use admin interface to its full potential. Don’t be afraid to ask – we work for you almost 24/7 so we are always happy when we can help! Experiment, innovate and you will see the results of all that hard work you are putting into your dating sites!