The old saying “build and they will come” really doesn’t work on the internet. Of course you have to build, but that is the easy part, the problem is to make people visit your dating site and once there sign up and subscribe or buy from you. There are millions and millions of dating websites and choices out there for surfers so you have to be quite smart about all the stages from attracting these singles to getting them to spend their hard earned money with you.
White label dating sites are a great way to get started. Any business, including an internet business, requires a lot of different skills to run; there is the technical side, hardware, hosting, security, web design, usability and other aspects of the site itself. There is the administration, inventory, processing payments and in the case of dating, moderating and checking profiles, as well as a host of other aspects requiring specialized knowledge and investment if you are doing it on your own. That is just before you start doing business, you have not even started with the main part which is getting visitors to sign up.

Dating Niche’s

Using dating niches is a way for you to differentiate yourself from the masses, obtain better conversions and to make marketing cheaper and easier. Rather than build a one size fits all site, break it down into sectors based on location and demographics, it will help you find sources to promote your site at a much lower cost than trying to go national or global from the start. As an example if you are targeting your city, find the local newspapers and put banners on their website, impression costs are much lower. Advertise in the local classifieds, on and off line, many are free. Put posters up in supermarkets on community boards and have little rip-off strips with your URL on them. Do pamphlet drops, some of them are really cheap. The main thing is that you will find more creative ways of reaching a target audience if you break it down into more manageable sections. There is nothing to stop you from making as many dating websites as you like each one with a different dating niche and target market, it is more work than just setting up just one general dating site but you will definitely get better results. Using a white label dating company most of the work is done for you anyway.
There is a lot of competition on the net and it is very difficult and expensive nowadays to stand out for general fields hence niches are a good way to get converting traffic. Take books for example , if you tried to compete with the Amazons and Barnes & Nobles with their massive budgets and affiliate networks you would have a hard time, however if you focused on first edition books or philosophy books you stand a much better chance. To test this out , do a search on “books” on Google (don’t forget the “”) and then do a search on “first edition books” and take a look at how many results there are for these searches. I get around 2 billion for just “books” and only 84 thousand for “first edition books”. Relating to dating, do a search on “dating” and do one on “vegetarian dating” or “London dating” and look at how many results Google returns. It will be much easier for you to stand out if you only have 84 thousand results to compete with rather than 2 billion. Take it a step further and search for “London vegetarian dating”, (it gave me 8 results only! that seems to be a market which I could dominate and there must be a lot of vegetarian singles in London)
Below we have used Keyword Spy to look at the difference in the competition for our example. The lookup is for “vegetarian dating” and just “dating in the USA”
Keyword Spy - Vegetarian Dating
Here we see the CPC or cost per click is around 5 cents, there are about 30 advertisers, if we compare to just “dating”
Keyword Spy - Dating
We see there are 393 advertisers and an average CPC of $2.39.Much harder to compete in this general field.
There are some cases you will find on your research that CPC values for niche keywords are actually higher than the value for the general term. This is because of several reasons, niches convert better and therefore the value per member is higher so advertisers can afford to pay more for the keyword. Another is that many general dating websites attract users using niche dating keywords. Search engines do not give these a high quality score because they are not so relevant to the site and therefore the CPC is higher to get on to the first page. If you have a site that is for vegetarian dating and advertise “vegetarian dating” as a keyword you will probably get a 10/10 quality score which means you will pay less to get on to the first page of results.


Research is vital, and like all businesses you need to have a plan. What dating market do you want to address? Are there enough singles in that market to make it viable? You want to be able to stand out in the searches but it makes no sense to look for a dating niche where you will be number one for a particular search but no one searches for that and you will find no members. You need to look at your competition, find out what are they doing to be on top. So in conclusion you will find it is much easier, more fun and much more profitable if you use targeted marketing strategies rather than going for the broad approach.