As we are entering June the conversion rates on the whole platform keep booming, but last month’s champion in growth was the Disabled dating market. It showed us 1.5% increase in the trial to paid members conversion rate plus a 15% decrease in cancellation rates! These are amazing results – congratulations to the partners who run the disabled dating sites.

May was quite busy for our team as we were fine-tuning the platform based on user feedback, your requests and preparing an amazing campaign for dating members together with an online dating expert that we will share with you in the upcoming June press release.

You have noticed that many new templates have appeared for different niche markets and many more are will be loaded as a part of our search engine optimization strategy. Read on how you can improve your rankings and what other useful tips we at Dating Factory want to share with you this month.

Google Panda update and its algorithms

There is a lot of talk around about the new Google Farmer/Panda algorithm and how it has killed many sites, some of them reporting up to 90% reduction in visitors arriving to their site through search results.

Dating Factory’s marketing and development teams are working closely together to make sure that the sites that are run on our private label platform are not affected by the changes. We fine tune the sites, create new templates and make changes to the older ones, insert dynamic elements into the meta tags and texts, adjust crawling of the common elements via site maps and robots files – and do it all on a daily basis.

Of course to achieve good search engine rankings you also need to work on your niche dating sites, but it is a very easy task with the Dating Factory network. Our private label platform allows you to edit every bit of the text on your sites, add new pages easily, add dynamic elements and track your results perfectly.

This month our marketing team has put together a special article about Google Panda release and some basic pointers what you need to do to keep and improve your rankings. Here are some of them:

1. Include keywords into your site name in Initial settings

2. Write unique titles and meta-tag descriptions

3. Choose a good URL that is memorable and easy to write

4. Try dating niches – the more the better!

5. Write some text for your niche dating site

6. Make sure where possible that you have member’s profiles on your home page

7. Make sure all the images, including your logo have alt tags which are relevant to the site

8. If you are doing article marketing make sure you are using your own material, original and well written

Of course there is much more to it, and if you are working on your dating sites’ SEO you will definitely find our new marketing article worth reading:

New exchange rate algorithm in your administration area

Many of you have noticed that on the day of the payout the amount that is paid out to you may change as well as the amount that is left as the account balance. This change is due to the currency conversion rate changes.

Until now we were recalculating the amount in your currency on the date of the actual member payment and on the date when the payment is made to you therefore the amounts may have changed quite noticeably when the rate rose or dropped significantly.

That is why we have implemented the new algorithm that takes the currency conversion rate every day from the bank’s API and recalculates the amounts due to you.

New exchange rate algorithm in your administration area

Every day the amounts of the unclaimed sales may change slightly based on the present currency exchange rate – so don’t be surprised if you see slightly different figures in your current sales statistics through the day!

Creative niches – creative advertising

We quite rarely share the examples of partner sites and promotional campaigns with you, but when we saw the site you are going to see now we thought we could not just keep it to ourselves!

First we were very surprised when we’d found out about the niche – dating for the truck drivers! We have never thought of it ourselves and couldn’t imagine would become so popular so soon, but it was proved to us that it really could.

Being built on the basis of our General Dating platform Truck drivers niche has now grown to the size of a fully functional niche – and we think it is thanks to the very creative advertising that CainO’ has created:

Yes-yes, these are trucker mud flaps, bottles for the drivers, and truck posters!

The success of this niche on Dating Factory private label platform proves that 1) niching works, 2) clever and specifically tailored niches work best, 3) advertising campaigns should be creative and relevant to your niche, and finally 4) the more unique identity you give to your site the easier it is to promote and the better user conversion and retention rates will be!

Just a couple of examples how templates may be turned into designs that stand out and keep member attention for a long time:

With Dating Factory admin it is easily doable – these designs have been created by partners themselves without any involvement of our design and coding team.

We hope we have inspired you to produce a unique design or even update the existing design of your Dating Factory site, and we promise to organize a competition for the best partner design and promotional campaign in the nearest future!

These are the main news items and ideas we wanted to share with you for the beginning of June, but there are many more improvements to come that we are working on. We have expanded our development team even further and will be turning around many improvements and new projects very quickly, so keep reading our newsletter to stay tuned!

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