OK, seeing you are now registered with Dating Factory and you have built your private label dating site ( if you haven’t done it yet , get to it, it is not difficult, your account manager will help you get started if you need any assistance). Now that all the admin, hardware and tech aspects are taken care of, it’s time to start dressing the windows of your online shop.
Importantly try to make your site look unique, this is one of the downfalls with white label dating sites, we produce many dating templates, niche templates but a lot of people just use them as they are. A dating template is what the word means, a guide or pattern for you to make something, so modify and make it stand out. Add some relevant text to your niche dating site. Do not copy and paste from other dating sites, write your own text in your own words. Search engines, which are the main source of providing visitors, scan your site with a robot and if it finds the same content on two dating sites it will display only one of them. Age of the website being a factor for which dating site the search engine displays will probably mean that yours, as it is new, will not be shown.
Remember, design your site for dating site users, not robots. But take into consideration that the search engines, though clever are not the same as humans and for example do not understand innuendo.
So now we have a good domain name, and a stunning website which we have designed to attract a particular target market so we are ready to start looking for visitors.

Configuring your site

Throughout the article I will continue to use the vegetarian dating example so we have some point of reference. Of course you can apply the basic theory to any type of dating site you may want to promote.
Right, so we now have our site set up and live on the net, it’s time to tell the world about it. To do this we need to decide what visitors would be looking for and what words they would type into search engines if they were looking for exactly what you have to offer.
Just throwing up a dating site and trying to get people find it by doing a search on the word “dating” is not going to work, you will be one of the 2 billion results, even the most patient of surfers doesn’t have the time to read all the entries. Nowadays the majority of surfers type in 2 or three words when they are doing searches because it is hard work to read all 2 billion entries. To find out what people are searching for we will use Google’s keyword tool. Sign in to your Google AdWords account. If you don’t have one, set one up, it’s all totally free unless you start running paid campaigns which we will discuss later, and it is full of useful tools as well as analytics and webmaster tools which we will use later to measure and monitor our traffic. Once you are in your account, select from the Reporting and Tools section the Keyword tool.
Adwords tool
I won’t go into instructions on how to use the tool as it is very well explained in the Adwords website itself. Type in the terms that you would use when looking for your site, make sure you have ticked the box for showing only ideas closely related to your search terms. What we are looking for are the most popular search terms.
Keywords Search
The results will be as follows
Keyword Results
Note we have entered several search keywords in the first part of the search so we will get a few more results. From the above results we see that people mostly search for the words “vegetarian dating”, “vegan dating” and “vegetarian dating sites”. No significant amount of people search for “date vegetarian”.
Now go to a normal Google search page and type in the most popular keywords and take a look at the results. Look at what the competition is doing, take note of what other dating keywords are being used. Click on some of the listings that have ranked on top of the search results and look at the source code for the pages (normally found by clicking on the view tab or page tab your browser and selecting view source). Read the sites titles and meta tags.
Google search results
Now we have a few new ideas we can create our title and description, it needs to be unique and stand out but have the keywords in it so maybe ”Premiere Vegetarian and Vegan Dating Site” for the TITLE and the description is “yourdomainname is the premier vegetarian and vegan dating site to meet and form relationships with other veggie singles”.

Meta tags and information on your site

Now we can build our meta tags which are the information the search engines first read to know what your site is about. The title and the description are also used for the listing that will appear on the search results.
The keywords meta tag is mostly ignored by major search engines but it is worth putting a few in there because some smaller search engines and directories do look at them.
In the Dating Factory admin you can edit the Meta tags for your site. Where you see a %host% it is a variable that is used to insert your domain name into the meta tags. We suggest you leave it there and any other variables you encounter. Make sure the title is not too long, not more than 30 to 40 characters including spaces and for the description not more than 150 characters otherwise your listing will be cut off by the search engine. See if you can spot the sites above that have too long a title or description. Make sure your keywords are at the beginning of the sentence otherwise they may be cut off. OK so here is an example of what your tags should like for our example vegetarian dating site.
<TITLE>Premiere Vegetarian and Vegan Dating Site</TITLE>
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Vegan dating, vegetarian dating, veggie dating, vegan singles ">
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="%host% is the premier vegetarian and dating site to meet and form relationships with other veggie singles">

These get placed in the head of the web page, before the body section of the page – use “Meta information” sections of your pages in the DF admin:
Meta information
They are not displayed by the browser so you also have to make sure that the words you want to be shown to humans are part of your visible design. You can do this by adding text with the dating keywords on the front page of the site itself in the body section. The search engines also rank this text and will give it an importance if it is a title, a sub-title or bold or Italic font that stands out, pretty much what a human would do.
The search engines try to deliver relevant sites to the search queries, the more relevant the better placement you will get. The search engines try to emulate what a human would see to deliver the most relevant search result. Try and make the text and content of your site relevant to humans who are searching for what you have to offer and the search engines will love it. Don’t make your titles and headings or meta descriptions a play on words or slang, don’t write something like “for those who don’t like the foul breath of meat eaters”. For more relevance create extra pages and put articles on your subject on them, make sure you link to them from your front page.
This all sounds like a lot of work but it isn’t really, it would take around an hour to set all this up so don’t be daunted, it will pay off eventually.
Once all this is done we can now tell the search engines we have a beautiful site ready for them to index and tell their customers about it , so we need to submit it to search engines. There are a lot of tools to do this and we will cover them in the next chapter, in the meantime get started with making your dating site great for both humans and search engines.