After a great response on our last member feedback article, we want to make this a monthly occurrence. We often get new partners enquiring about our customer service and so we thought it would be nice to share it with everyone. Since the last post, we’ve had an even better response from our members. We’ve had a high level of matches and a lot of customers that had forgotten how much they enjoy dating. Here are a few messages we’ve received:
“I’ve met my soul mate. We’re due to be married in March and we’re expecting a baby, who’s due in June. I wouldn’t be living like this without you. I can’t thank you enough! ”
“I’m 62 so I didn’t think I’d ever date again. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the excitement of a new relationship. Thank you for bringing some of my youth back.”
“Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, that did the job – fantastic service, thank you.”
Some of the top phrases coming from our members were:
“Quick response”
“Great service”
“Friendly team”
We love that we are getting such a great response from the members and we’ll keep striving forward to make sure we provide the best customer service. Our partners can rest assured that their members will be looked after right from the start.