Dating Factory has hired former Playboy general manager Richard Buss to fill the position of U.S. Partners Manager for the company’s USA Division. Buss, better known in the industry as Rochard, will assist American affiliates and entrepreneurs in implementing and marketing Dating Factory’s white label dating platform.
“I’ve worked with Richard for a while now, so I know what he’s capable of,” said Moreno Aguiari, head of Dating Factory’s new U.S. operations. “He has a solid and undeniable history of helping affiliates and webmasters succeed. Richard is one of those rare individuals who is comfortable with technology and also knows how to communicate effectively with customers.”
Buss said he admires Dating Factory’s platform and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work as part of a team led by Aguiari, a long-time friend and occasional business associate.
“The technology that powers Dating Factory is impressive, no doubt about it,” Buss said. “As someone who runs his own websites too, I understood right away how much potential there is for Dating Factory in the U.S. market. I’m looking forward to working with webmasters who already know me and want to run their own dating sites — and I’m excited to have this opportunity to get to know a whole new group of webmasters and affiliates.”
The Dating Factory white label platform allows webmasters and online entrepreneurs to create their own dating sites, complete with real profiles that can be filtered by niche. Webmasters use their own domain names, maintaining control over their brand and marketing efforts.
Webmasters who run sites powered by Dating Factory technology have more than one way to make money.
“You’ll make up to 65 percent of initial and recurring sales, plus you can make even more money from banner ads run on your sites,” Aguiari said. “Given dating is a proven moneymaker that isn’t affected by piracy concerns, this is a great opportunity for U.S. webmasters to build a whole new and stable revenue stream in 2012.”