ATLANTA, GA (March 14, 2012) — Dating Factory is already Europe’s premiere supplier of white label dating sites, and now the successful dating services company has a new permanent presence in the world’s largest market, the United States. Dating Factory has hired Moreno “MO” Aguiari and tasked him with building the company’s business in the US market.
“It’s very exciting to be involved in bringing Dating Factory’s unbeatable technology to American webmasters and affiliates,” explains Aguiari. “This is an advanced platform that is already tested and proven to make money. Our job now is to show the American market what this incredible white label dating website system can mean for their revenue in 2012.”
According to Tanya Fathers, CEO and co-founder of Dating Factory, Mr. Aguiari is the right person for the job.
“We are impressed with Mo’s great track record with webcam sites and with B2B platforms like YNOT, and we’re pleased to welcome him onto the Dating Factory team,” says Fathers. “He has exciting ideas for promoting Dating Factory in the US market, and we’re expecting great things in 2012 from our new Dating Factory USA division.”
The Dating Factory white label platform allows webmasters and online entrepreneurs to create their own dating sites, complete with real profiles that can be filtered by niche. Webmasters use their own domain names, meaning they maintain control over their brand and their marketing efforts.
“This isn’t an affiliate program, this is a chance to build and run your own dating site with your own brand,” explains Aguiari. “With an affiliate program, you send all your traffic to someone else, and what happens then is out of your control. With the Dating Factory system, you’re sending your traffic to your own website, not one of ours. We supply the engine that makes your site work.”
Webmasters who run sites powered by Dating Factory technology have more than one way to make money.
“You’ll make up to 65% of initial and recurring sales, plus you can make more money from banner ads running on your sites,” adds Aguiari. “Given that dating is a proven money maker that isn’t affected by piracy concerns, this is a great opportunity for US webmasters to build a whole new and stable revenue stream in 2012.”