Have you ever thought about why there is a lot of projects started up with great inspiration and abandoned partially complete or fully incomplete later? And what is the reason for people to give up? A possible reason is losing interest which always results in having no passion to what you are doing.

Do you know a lot of things made without passion? Look around yourself, at things you use daily – all of them are results of true passion. Passion has nothing to do with hard work, it is rather satisfaction from achieved results which inspires for further steps.

Every time you face a difficult task which makes you doubt in your success in online business try to divide the big task into small pieces – doable sub-tasks – and do them one by one. Get focused on that small task completely and forget about the rest for a while. When the task is done – enjoy the results!

Believe us, there is nothing you cannot do! Especially with the Dating Factory Support team which is always here to assist you and this week there is another piece of advice on the marketing blog.

Marketing Blog this Week: How to change the DNS Settings for your dating site

There is a lot of companies registering domain names in the market, each of them has their own vision on how the best domain control panel should look like. We are not arguing about how user friendly/unfriendly those panels are but only giving you help on how to change name servers and update the DNS records. Have a look at the article to make sure you have your domain name set up properly! Read more…

Get to Know a Few of Our Best Affiliates

We keep familiarizing you with our affiliates – people who do the same work as you do – and this week meet Jacob Andersson, a person who has worked with on-line dating for more than 12 years. Jacob answers our traditional questions:

  1. Jacob Andersson Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do in life?

    Hi, I am Jakob, from Sweden, 32 years old, bachelor of engineering. Actually I’ve got several types educational background and even own a webmaster company. I come from a big family of 5 kids (one little brother and 3 sisters). As you can see from my blog jakobia.se I am a big fun of cats and have three cute ones in my house.

  2. When did you start working in the on-line dating industry?

    I started working with on-line dating long ago since 1998 and thus I have been working on dating websites for more than 12 years.

  3. Can you remember what you spent your first cheque on?

    I remember my first payment received from my sites, the amount was not big but I spent my money on building new sites.

  4. What are your favorite promotional methods?

    Looking back at the years I learned two main things about creating successful web-sites– don’t waste money on bad domains and do your keyword research. I am sure the most important thing is getting a proper domain name, the rest depends on how skilled you are.

  5. Can you tell us your words of wisdom for newbie’s?

    If you decided to start working with the on-line business it is well worth it to join webmaster forums and learn from others first. And only then, spend your budget, when you know enough to understand the risks and benefits.

Weekly Focus: London, Amsterdam

Next week our team is in London at XbizEU, Tanya Fathers explains how to profit on interactivity:

Another great event – ad:tech exhibition where the DF team will learn more about marketing techniques and new online business trends to make sure that you benefit from the best white label dating platform in the world:

Amsterdam is the next event that Dating Factory team will travel to next week. We will participate in the Dating panel again, so don’t miss it:
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