White label dating provider, DatingFactory.com, has signed a deal with the security company Scamalytics to further advance their existing scam protection systems.

October 31st, 2012 — /INTERNET DATING NEWSWIRE/ — Scamalytics has been specifically developed for the online dating industry by a group of industry veterans. It works by modelling user behaviour, and identifying the differences in the way scammers behave compared to genuine users. As the scammers change behaviour, for example, by developing new scams, the system learns and adapts to these new behaviours in realtime.
These models are combined with a raft of other tests, and applied to all dating sites in the Scamalytics network, so scammers on one dating site will be instantly recognised on any other dating site.
“DatingFactory.com shares our passion for defeating scammers,” said Nick Tsinonis, co-founder of Scamalytics. “Their existing systems are already very advanced. We are confident that Scamalytics will give them that extra edge to virtually eliminate the problem.”
Tanya Fathers, CEO of DatingFactory.com, explained the advantages Scamalytics will bring to their platform, “We already catch most scammers, but we wanted to ratchet up our existing system to include realtime learning and behavioural analysis. The Scamalytics team have years of experience in these areas. We are also keen to collaborate with the rest of the industry to address this issue, and Scamalytics enables us to do that by being an independent third party.”
“This deal sends out a strong message that we take end-user security extremely seriously,” added Fathers. “Our partners will benefit from decreased chargebacks due to fraud, and their users will have an even better experience on our platform.”
Earlier this year, the Scamalytics team also signed with Cupid PLC, and has recently moved into new offices located in the heart of London’s “Silicon Roundabout” in Shoreditch.