January has proved to be one of the most productive months for Dating Factory development team. As well as making significant improvement to the admin, setting up the Valentine’s Day offer and launching two new niches, we were also working on two new languages that will be released on the platform very soon and integrating two new payment providers.

We have made chat pop-ups less invasive and that will improve the browsing experience of your members and will make them stay on the sites for longer.

With the new context help tools in the admin you are able to edit your sites and read reports easily and quickly, and of course we are aiming to make the process easier every day. Now, here are the main headlines for the beginning of February.

St. Valentine’s headers are now available for your sites

As Valentine’s Day is getting closer the Dating Factory team has prepared special design elements for you to get your sites ready for the festivities.

The same as you did it for Christmas – just go to Sites Edit and look at the menu on the left:

St. Valentine’s headers

Just click on “Special designs” section in the menu and you will be taken to the page where you can select the Valentine’s Day header and footer for your web-site.

You have the possibility to choose different headers and footer for every site you have – just check the box next to the “Use this design on CURRENT site till the following date” and select the date when you want this design to be taken off your site on the right.

If you have many sites and do not want to go through them one by one, check the box next to “Use this design on ALL sites till the following date” and select the date.

Select your header and footer design next – depending on your site’s looks and logo placement, and hit the “Save” button:

St. Valentine’s headers

Now preview and publish your changes in order to see them on the live site. In 5 minutes all your sites will have an exciting Valentine’s Day look and your members will become more and more active in their perfect partner search.

More flexibility in editing your sites’ internal pages

As always – based on your requests – the Dating Factory team has added even more flexibility to the platform to allow our partners control the login pages of their sites.

Now you are able not only change meta information and header and footer on this page, but edit its content completely.

How do you do this? In your sites management section “Sites Edit” go to the “Other pages and files” tab in the left hand menu. There you will see the login page:

More flexibility in editing your sites’ internal pages

Click on the login page in the list and you will see the text macros available for editing in the editor similar to the one you currently use in “Front page (advanced)” section:

More flexibility in editing your sites’ internal pages

Select the macro to edit and click “Edit”, and after than edit HTML or texts in the languages you use:

More flexibility in editing your sites’ internal pages

Hit “Save”, preview and publish the changes – and your login page will have unique content when approved by our moderation team!

If you can think of any place you would like to edit on your sites that is still not available for editing – please let your account manager know. We will be happy to work on this and provide you all the support we can!

Remind your members about Valentine’s Day!

As we have already mentioned, there is a Valentine’s Day offer going on the Dating Factory system web-sites that is designed to help your members find love or arrange for a hook-up before Valentine’s Day so they don’t spend the day alone.

You can remind them to take advantage of their 20% discount or free Gold membership (depending on their gender) using the newsletter facility in the admin and banner places on the sites.

Give them some tips how to attract attention; remind that a picture is worth a thousand words not to mention steamy hot videos they can record using their webcams!

And of course – don’t spend Valentine’s Day alone yourself!

Valentine’s Day

Extramarital dating and Extramarital affairs niches launched

Based on the feedback we received from you we have launched Extramarital dating and Extramarital affairs niches this week. Why did we launch two instead of just one niche? The answer is simple.

The first niche is based on the Dating system, and has nothing to do with the adult content. The templates are dating oriented that makes it simple to promote the niche on PPC search engines, Facebook and for example affiliate networks that do not allow adult content. The good example of such sites is Ashley Madison system that is designed for cheating wives and husbands but does not allow adult content.

Extramarital dating

The second niche is more casual with erotic content allowed – designed for those who like to see what they are getting before actually meeting up. Sites on this niche are better promoted on adult resources and will convert adult traffic perfectly well.

Extramarital affairs

The niches have completely different databases, so cross-selling between them will work perfectly well. If you create the site on one niche – do not forget to create another site on the other niche and link them together.

We won’t keep you too much longer – in the next newsletter we will explain why it’s worth starting learning Japanese and how well the special offer went. Now we just want to thank you for reading and…

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