With the Easter holidays just around the corner the Dating Factory team is happy to announce the roll out of some new exciting features to help you gear your sites towards the holidays! Everyone knows that the more fun dating is for your members the better the ROI, so stay tuned and read all about our newest improvements and releases!

Plenty of happy holiday time ahead, so let’s concentrate on the final preparations and do some work so we can then sit back and relax over the long weekend…

Easter headers and footers are live now!

To make your sites more current and reflect the holiday season we have introduced the new Easter headers and footers in the admin. You can add them as always in three clicks of the mouse:

Sites Edit Special designs:

Easter headers and footers are live now!

Specify the time and date if you want the header and footer to disappear automatically, select the design and hit the Save button:

Easter headers and footers are live now!

Preview your headers and footers on the preview version of the site, and then publish if you like what you see!

As always we have specifically developed headers and footers for both light and dark backgrounds, with the logos on the right and on the left – so all of you can use this feature, if of course you do not run a Buddhist dating site! 🙂

Add Facebook “Like” button to the member profiles on your sites

We are happy to share the new social networking feature that was being tested on some selected sites for the last month.

Now you can add Facebook “LIKE” button to your site’s member profiles so other members can share the profiles they like with their Facebook friends. It has proven to generate big volumes of free social network traffic to your sites and increase the activity of members on your sites.

To start using this feature you need to go to Sites Edit Advanced settings (all the new plugins we are adding will appear there):

Add Facebook Like button to the member profiles on your sites

Tick the “Activate Facebook “Like” button on member profiles” there and save your changes!

Now preview the result on your site:

Add Facebook Like button to the member profiles on your sites

We hope you and your members enjoy this new feature and new traffic that comes with it!

Você fala Português?

For many of you the next piece of news will be one of the better announcements this 2011 together with some new niches and conversion improvements announced in our previous newsletters.

We can undoubtedly say that this language was the most awaited by our partners and now it has arrived. Welcome Brazilian Portuguese to the Dating Factory platform!

Você fala Português?

We have launched it for selected web-sites and will be rolled out for the rest of the platform by the end of the week.

The Brazilian market is one of the most dynamic ones, and Dating Factory is happy to announce that it is now ready to move into one more market that is not saturated and is developing at an enormous rate at the moment. We hope that you will grab the opportunity and together we will help Brazilian daters find their perfect matches online!

New payment provider launched for additional payment methods

Our technical team is proud to say that we have increased the payment success rate by launching a new payment provider on our platform.

Some of you have noticed that there are some payments that are left over and moved to the next claim on your partner account:

New payment provider launched for additional payment methods

These are the new payments that have gone through the new payment provider and otherwise wouldn’t have been processed at all. These amounts will be paid out to you with a 60 days reserve while we are testing the solution they provide. This reserve is imposed by the payment provider until they see a history on the quality of the transactions.

As soon as we have launched the solution in full, the payments will be scheduled as usual and we will work on 30 days reserve. Currently we are getting a 6.7% increase on new payments because of this experiment and we trust you like this new improvement to the conversion rate!

We hope you will enjoy the new features that Dating Factory’s hardworking development team has rolled out for you (probably not as much as you are enjoying the Festive week, but still). All our team members wish you a very happy Easter, have fun and we will be in touch with you in early May!

Happy Easter

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