Hello and welcome to my May update!
This month we have Holiday Promotions, New Top Level Domains, Affiliate Opportunities, Marketing Tips and Upcoming Events!

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Hi Partners!
We are going into our 2nd quarter and I would like to congratulate those of you who are working hard for their success and reaping the rewards!
Taking advantage of our promo tools and affiliate campaigns can help increase profitability! Making the best of your online dating site has never been easier with the new changes and upgrades we recently implemented to make it user-friendly.
We are continuously looking for new and better ways to make your experience as an online dating site owner exciting and profitable.

Holiday Promotions

For Labor Day and Cinco de Mayo!
2-step special offer consists of Free Communication Days + discount for Trials: 2 weeks Gold for $9.95 recurring into 3 months; discount for Golds: 50% off 1 month VIP.

New Top Level Domains

Great new TLD’s are now available for the world of online dating. You can now get .singles TLD’s for your sites and available for pre-registration is .love and .dating – hurry now before they all go!

Affiliate Opportunities!

Available to ALL Partners! Our Affiliate program! Start promoting top affiliates and increase your revenue! Get commission for every member sign up by promoting Top Affiliates all over the world! A quick and simple way to implement by logging into your dashboard and select Promote Top Brands and start building your campaigns!

Marketing Tips

Demonstrate your thought leadership and industry expertise by providing Have you tried customizing your landing page? Here are some great tips and techniques that can help you create an engaging landing page.
Create unique content:
Your landing page should have a unique description about your specialized niche. Include relevant target keywords in your text, and use H1, H2 and H3 tags with keywords highlighted in bold. Add in text links to both external sites and internal pages. If you have more than one landing page cross-selling to other sites include the link to one page on the other and vice versa.

Upcoming Events! Lets Meet Up!

iDate Beverly Hills, California June 5-6
iDate generated a special discount link for our partners. $50 off the the 3 day Full and Basic conference rate:
Thank you for a Great April!
Trust in yourself and your Abilities and Success will follow you wherever you go!
Feel free to Skype or send an email if you need assistance or have a question.

May 1, 2014