How to get traffic to your online dating siteYou have decided to enter the online dating business and you’ve built yourself a dating website. Now the next step after that is getting traffic to your site. And thanks to this digital age we are living in, there are advertisement opportunities everywhere online, the trick is knowing which ones to take advantage of and which ones are worth doing in the first place.

Using Social Media for White Label Dating Sites

1. Social Media
Social Media is a powerful marketing tool that doesn’t cost anything more than your time and commitment. And depending on how valuable your time is, it can be tremendous value for money. Facebook, Twitter and others allow you to create your own pages and post links and images out there for people to interact with and click-through to your website and sign up! It also provides a place for you to interact with current and potential new members, and being interactive will keep people coming to your social media pages, sharing and liking and keeping the pages visible for others.
2. Adult Traffic
The other side of online dating is online hook-ups. That’s a whole market out there for people on the lookout for something that’s very similar to what you’re offering on your website. So uploading adult content with your logo and a link to your site will drive a lot of traffic your way. But, remember Google is not the greatest fan of adult sites and adult content. Talk to your Dating Factory Account Manager about marketing your online dating site with affiliates.

Online Marketing for Online Dating

3. SEO
SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is how you effect and better the rank of your website in a search engine’s unpaid results. Obviously you can pay a search engine for a sponsored position which will get you onto page one. The other way is to carefully craft the headlines with the correct keywords that are both frequently searched and relevant to your site. Using this essential marketing strategy will grant you more visits naturally, which will, in turn boost your ranking in a search engine, which will again, in turn grant you more traffic. It’s a good habit to get into.
4. Google and Paid Ads
Just like the sponsored position you can pay for in search engines to guarantee a top of page 1 result, you can also pay for ads on high traffic websites, such as Facebook (apart from adult content) and get a substantial amount of click-through’s that way. Or Google Adwords, which allows you to place text ads within google search results, and image ads on websites that are part of their display network. This is obviously an upfront cost for you that you will have to consider, as conversion isn’t always guaranteed and in the dating world often expensive.

Responsive Dating Sites

5. Mobile Ads
Regular ads which are described above will of course translate over to mobile users as Google and website ads will still be shown on mobile provided they are responsive. Mobile however, has its own section of advertising that you can tap in to. Apps. You can tap into targeted apps on dating apps so that you will be advertising to the correct audience. Or alternatively you can create your own apps that can advertise your brand.
6. Print Media
Print media still has a large audience and is definitely worth considering when it comes to purchase advertising. Newspapers and Magazines have massive reach and Magazines in particular can be used to target whatever audience or dating niche you want, as they can be as niche as the websites are. When it comes to cost effectiveness, if you find a dating magazine that still sells really well you can get a lot of bang for your buck!

Content Marketing for Private Label Dating Sites

7. Content Marketing
Take advantage of the calendar, Valentine’s Day and the lead-in to it is a busy time when it comes to online dating websites. So plan a massive advertising push during that time period to really drive in the numbers!
8. Site Design
This may seem a bit obvious, but as we come full circle, make sure your site design is on point. It should be pleasing to the eye, as well as easy and intuitive to navigate. The last thing you want, after all that work advertising and bringing in the numbers and people either can’t navigate your site, or instantly click away. So keep an eye on your analytics and make sure your site is responsive – if it’s not talk to your Dating Factory Account Manager about upgrading straight away.
Article written and submitted by Jonathan Bird, Managing Director of