Having mentioned the traffic spike around Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a good time to let you know that it’s worth taking advantage of international awareness days too. I’ve created a calendar with awareness days that apply all over the world. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it gives a few that might be relevant to the dating scene and some to particular niches.
It’s a fact that people are always looking for an excuse to start something new, especially when it’s something outside of their comfort zone. Although the stigma attached to online dating is disappearing, it’s still a taboo for some meaning they might need more encouragement. As we’ve discovered, Valentine’s Day has a major spike in traffic so why not try using other celebratory or international awareness days such as international kissing day or autistic pride day. It goes without saying that the kissing day can be used for all niches but the autistic pride day would work best with the Disabled Dating niche. There is a range to choose from, so just get in contact with us to receive a copy of the calendar.
You can amend your site to fit with any awareness or celebratory days you want to use. Try editing the main picture on your graphics page, click here for a how to guide. Or if you’re good with HTML and CSS then why not make your own header and/or footer? Use our promo tools to advertise the awareness days and create internal pages to give some information about the days; it’s a point of interest and a good conversation starter for members. More interaction between the members means more renewals, which means higher revenue. What have you got to lose?