Last year we saw registrations soar in February and this year we predict they will rocket once again. According to our traffic forecast, registrations should increase by 117% from December 2011. Take advantage of this – it’s the peak of the year, so make sure your marketing is at its best to maximise your revenue.

  1. Ensure your site is registered with lots of search engines; click here for the full article.
  2. Have a spring clean of your keywords. Make sure your keywords are the best they can be. Use tools such as Google keywords and Google trends to check your keywords are the ones to get you the most traffic.
  3. Write multiple articles and submit to multiple directories – don’t duplicate your work. Click here for the full article.
  4. Try giving your site a fresh new look. Click here for the full article on updating your site’s appearance. Keep in mind Valentine’s Day is approaching. And on that note, why not add some internal pages to provide tips and ideas for Valentine’s Day dates or gifts etc. Click here for the full article on adding internal pages and sending newsletters.
  5. Click here for an example of how to start PPC campaign.

Our marketing blog has lots of useful information. If you’re unsure on how best to take advantage of this, have a chat with your account manager.