It’s that time of the month again when we at Dating Factory let you know what we have been up to and how our activities will benefit our valuable partners.

It would be very easy for us just to sit back and enjoy the success we have seen over the past few years, but then, where is the fun in that. We much prefer to keep our system fresh and on a constant program of improvement. That’s what makes us the most popular white label provider on the planet.

Let’s look at USA!

The USA has long been a territory in which we have served our partners well. Breaking into a well-established marketplace can be daunting and difficult. However, we have everything a partner needs in order to break into this marketplace. We are particularly strong in the ‘Alternative’ niche within the USA as well as our mainstream offering. If you aren’t yet running a site in the states or are running one on another platform and aren’t seeing the success you would like then give your account manager a call.
Dating Factory In The USA

Dating Factory on Tour

October has been a busy month for the Dating Factory team on tour. Now back in the office jet lagged and frantically following up with all the wonderful people they met, the team have had time to pass on a huge thank you to those of you who were able to take time out to chat with them. They are now getting ready to pack their bags for the Web Summit in Dublin.
Attending Web Summit in Dublin? Look out for Jenny, Lisa and Anastasiya.
Web Summit Dublin

Dating Factory’s ever-increasing library

Yes, you guessed it, we are adding more promotional tools. But it really had to be done. With you having access to a good variety of promo tools, you will be best positioned to keep your marketing efforts constantly refreshed to ensure maximum performance.
There are a selection of new Instant Messenger style popups as well as new email kits ready to go live. Make sure you sign into your account regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on any new marketing tools.
Dating Factory New Tools

Dating Factory’s Responsive designs increase conversions by 400%!

It’s still a hot topic and we are always eager to keep on top of what the industry is talking about. And so we continue our program of launching a range of new responsive design templates. Six new templates in October.
Why should I move sites onto these new templates we hear you ask? Well, the first results are starting to feed back to use from partners who have moved to the templates and some are saying their conversion from click to reg. has shifted from 4% to nearly 20%. That’s a whopping 400% increase.
Now, you may or may not see the same rise, but this is a good enough reason for you to try.
The reality is that it’s important to shift your sites onto these new templates in order to show your sites at their best on whatever device your members are using. This not only maximises the site performance and gives you the best opportunity to convert visitors into registrants but it also vastly improves the user experience.
So, if you haven’t had a look at the new responsive design templates, make sure you do so today.
Dating Factory Responsive Templates