Organic Content MarketingIf you want your future dating members to find your online dating site, creating compelling content is a must. Actually, quality content is the foundation of effective content marketing strategies for thousands and thousands of successful internet dating companies.

But the content doesn’t promote itself. Surprisingly even the most informative and sticky written, visual and multimedia content needs help attracting readers and viewers who will hopefully enter your sales funnel – and this is where organic content promotion comes in. Like paid content, organic promotion is designed to boost the visibility and effectiveness of a content marketing strategy. And unlike paid content promotion, it does not involve direct payments for ad-space, “boosts” or sponsorship. However, organic promotion does still require a substantial investment of your time, effort and imagination.
The following 6 organic content promotion strategies can boost traffic to your content, improve your lead generation analytics, drive conversions and therefore improve your key revenue statistics.

Online Dating Sites and SEO

Every organic campaign for written content starts with search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization makes blogs, website and even social media content more attractive to the search engines. Many factors influence your content’s SEO value, including:
Inbound link quality and your entire back link profile
Keyword placement and saturation
Headline length and quality of content
Technical factors, including website navigation, usability and page load times
Business directory submissions
Structured SEO will boost your dating site’s content position in the search rankings (SERPs), therefore increasing the likelihood that people searching for relevant keywords and your dating business will find, then click on your details, and not your competitor’s.

Using LinkedIn to Network with Dating Entrepreneur’s

You can probably think of many peers and competitors you look up to and aspire to be. These individuals are your industry’s thought leaders, and they’re essential people to know and mix with.
The most effective way to network with the dating industry leaders and become a thought leader yourself is to build a formidable LinkedIn presence by:
Connecting with thought leaders and Entrepreneur’s
Joining or starting relevant LinkedIn groups
Sending personal messages that advertise your abilities
Publishing high-value content (posts) that establishes your own thought leadership credentials
Sharing your content with other thought leaders in your network and beyond
Don’t just concentrate this activity on LinkedIn! Every high quality piece of content that you create should be published in parallel on LinkedIn and your company’s blog.

The Best Press Releases for White Label Dating

An SEO press release is a great way to about about your dating sites achievements and capabilities without coming across as overly salesy or pushy. Make sure your PR releases strike the right balance between news and self-promotion. Although the distribution is likely to be limited by your budget, make sure to spread your release across as many news wire services as possible. However, optimized press releases are also great organic promotion tools: Simply repost your release on your blog and social media pages to boost your
reach! Don’t forget Twitter and Facebook for this.

Invest in Your Media Outreach

SEO press releases can be powerful, high-ROI tools in your digital marketing campaign. Under the right circumstances, going one step further and investing in media outreach may achieve an even greater payoff. You don’t need to pay a PR firm to network with journalists:
Simply build a mailing list of bloggers, forum members and journalists who cover your dating niches and reach out to them directly with press releases and personalized inquiries.

Build Guest Posting, Blog Commenting and Content Licensing Partnerships

Guest posting and content licensing partnerships aren’t always organic. Although the practice isn’t as common anymore, many such partnerships involve a financial exchange. Bear in mind Google does not approve of paid articles and content.
On the other hand, many publishers are only too happy to host your content in exchange for a reciprocal link. Like self-starting media outreach, building a guest posting and content licensing network requires a good well-built mailing list and a lot of friendly outreach.
Just be careful with back links as you certainly would not want to be damaging your own back-link profile by linking to less Google friendly pages. Quality always wins over quantity.

Get People Talking About Your Dating Business

While influencers undoubtedly help raise your online profile, they’re not the only people capable of giving your content marketing efforts a popular boost. In fact, grassroots organic content promotion is often a far more authentic, positive and appealing approach. Depending on what your product and which buyer personas you’re targeting, your prospects and customers may prefer to learn about your products’ benefits from a friend or neighbor.
With this in mind, make sure your content is as engaging as humanly possible and distributed throughout your social media empire. Not every piece of content is going to get a million hits, but highly engaging content is much more likely to be shared and reposted than not-so-engaging content, even if the “boring” content is just as useful. Add a bit of your personality to your Tweets – always helps.
Remember, every organic share that comes from a random social media user, regardless of whether they’re a current customer of yours, is a share that you don’t have to pay for or organize on your own. It’s also an opportunity to spread awareness of your solutions, generate leads and possibly convert undecided future members.

Start Now Improving Your Online Digital Marketing

Thanks to the ongoing algorithm tweaks by Google and evolving best practices by the leading online marketers, the rules of the game are always in flux. What works one month might not necessarily work the next so make sure you keep up to date with what Google pushes out as well.