We have changed the tradition and have decided to send you two newsletters instead of one this month. What does it mean? It means that there are so many exciting things going on with the Dating Factory platform that they simply do not fit into one monthly release.

Would you like better conversions from visitors to registered members? Control payment options for your users for better campaign optimization? What about including dynamic member lists into the newsletters? I am happy to introduce the most recent development updates that are going to make it happen on your sites and also make your work with your administration area easier, so welcome:

And now a bit more on each topic to get you prepared for the upcoming changes:

New simplified registration form

Let’s first look at converting visitors to registered members better. Dating Factory Partner team analyzes traffic and web-sites on the platform, and of course conversions vary from site to site depending on your traffic sources, landing page designs and relevancy.

I have always stressed the importance of having a unique content and customizing your sites with unique images and texts, but now you will have one more tool to convert your visitors quicker.

This week our development team has introduced the new simplified registration form that is being tested on some of the sites of our platform:

www.datingbuddies.com – dating niches

www.sinfulbuddies.com – casual niches

www.hotsexbuddies.com – adult dating niches

This is still the beta version, so please make sure you send any comments/suggestions about the registration process to your account manager or me directly.

This registration form is available for you to add to your sites or landing pages for testing, here is the new macro to be used for replacing the standard registration one – {%RegistrationSimpleMacro%}:

New simplified registration form

Both old and new registration form will be supported throughout the platform till all the sites have migrated to the new registration form. Promotional tools will also support both versions of the registration macro.

Take your time to review and change it on your existing sites, and please ask your account manager for help if and when you need it – we are always here for you!

New macros for member newsletters

To increase effect of the newsletters you send out to your members we have created the new macro to add to your mails – member matches. Here is where you can find it in the admin area:

To create your newsletters go to “Sites” – “Send newsletters” and choose filters you need to set up for your target audience. Then add your text and coding where needed and choose the macro from the list under the content window:

New macros for member newsletters

After you click on it, the system will add the macro to your email. Now you need to place it where you need it and your target users will see the list of matches instead of the macro in their mailbox.

This is a great tool to make your newsletters more targeted and appealing to the audience, but don’t put matches into every email you send – treat your members to some different content! Also there is no need to send just matches as the system sends out recommendation emails to your users automatically.

The ability to choose on-site payment methods in admin

And the last but not the least – now you have the option of using payment providers that you feel fit into your niche market and will be used by your target audience.

To be able to tweak these settings go to Sites – Edit – Initial settings and scroll down the page:

The ability to choose on-site payment methods in admin

Please bear in mind that credit cards are the default option and cannot be switched off, and also some payment providers are localized and may not be visible for your area or specific niche. For example Boleto Bancario is only available in Brazil.

Make sure you do not limit your payment option without a reason or you may lose out on conversions on your sites. Consult with your account manager on what options are good for your target market, and bear in mind that we test them all and include only those that work well for dating products.

This is all the news so far, but we will get back to you at the beginning of May with some great developments that we have already started testing a. We will also tell you more about the World Dating Partners platform and cross-selling strategies, so stay tuned and get ready for the hot summer!

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With the best wishes,

Lisa Moskotova

Lisa Moskotova
COO, Co-founder Dating Factory