You probably think I sound like a broken record, but I really can’t stress enough how important optimising your site is. If a user visits your site and it does not grab them as almost instantly being what they are looking for they will leave and that is revenue you have lost.

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Think about your target market, what they want…NOT what you want.
To start you off, here are a few simple things you can look at to improve the look of your site that will make a huge difference:

  • IMAGE – is your image relevant to your niche? Does it help your site or is it so distracting that it draws the eye away from the registration box?
  • CTA – what does your call to action say? It must be relevant and lead the user to want to register.
  • Use simple practices like BOLD text to draw attention.
  • REGISTRATION FORM – you need to assess your fields, do you have too many and are the relevant. Testing have proven our short form increases registrations.
  • CTA BUTTON – your text, colour, size and prominence is very important to your page. This needs to catch your user’s eye.

Please get in touch, I would love to go over your site and see what can be done to improve it for you!

Useful Tools to help you work and learn

Which Test Won is a fantastic company to help you with optimisation and up to date news on what is working at the moment
Fiverr is a great source for services you may require to assist you with your sites for as little as just $5
Similar Web is a great resource for checking your rankings and looking at what other similar sites to yours are doing, keeping an eye on your competition is always a good idea!

Using your Wallet


  • COMMISSION RATES – Here you will see what revenue share you are receiving from your sites, your affiliates and as a referrer.
  • PAYOUT OPTIONS – This section is for all your details about how you want us to pay you, your banking details. Please note that if you want us to pay you you must upload identification using this page in order for us to be able to release your payments.
  • PAYMENTS – This is your payment history. You can also download statements for each payment we have made to you here.
  • PAYMENT BREAKDOWN – search your member payment here and see what memberships they took or if it is a renewal or initial payment. There is also registration and visitor figures here too. This is updated daily.
  • ACTIVE PAYMENT AGREEMENTS – details how many of each membership types have been taken or suspended on a daily basis.
  • RESERVED – This page houses details of what your next payment and when it is due. How much revenue has been made but is still in reserve (this is where the payment provider holds the money for 30 days for security reasons and to help reduce chargebacks) Also here, you will find a detailed breakdown of daily revenue earned and when it is released by the payment provider and we can release the payment to you.


Domains for Sale

Every month I get more and more of you contacting me with sites for sale and I have a huge list of some great domains waiting to be bought!
Here are a few that are up for grabs:

  • and

Contact me for a full list.
For regular updates, tips and information follow me on Twitter @SamGilbert_DF

June 3, 2014