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There are some great studies on key-factors for ranking of your website

(Via SearchMetrics). Here is the list of most important factors that influence ranking in Google SERP:

Also there is great detailed analysis of factors that still have significant value for SEO:
1) The number of backlinks remains immensely important. Backlinks continue to be one of the most important SEO metrics. In this regard, little has changed over the years: sites with more backlinks simply rank better. And this is also the result of our ranking factor study in 2013. However, factors around this metric are subject to evolution: not only are the quantity of backlinks important, but increasingly so is their quality! The backlink profile is nowadays regarded as a kind of conglomerate of very diverse quality factors that we discuss in detail in the study.
2) Social signals continue to correlate very well with better rankings. The tendency over the years has been very positive – and this year’s study confirms the trend that became evident as early as 2012: well positioned URLs have a high number of likes, shares, tweets and plus ones and specific URLs stand out in the top search results with a very high mass of social signals. On one hand this means that the activity on social networks continues to increase, on the other hand it means that frequently shared content increasingly correlates with good rankings.
3) Good content is always important: it comes to quality! Content factors correlate almost entirely positively with good rankings and were apparently – when compared with the previous year – partially upgraded. Good ranking URLs, to a certain extent have more text and a higher number of additional media integrations compared with 2012. A good internal link structure also appears to be an important quality attribute. For much more details about SEO factors please check:

When you are working on getting your site ranked high keep in mind that microdata is important for impression your site makes on both visitors and search engines.

Search engine results are displayed in SERPs as “snippets” – details of pages in the form of links, URLs, images etc – visual cues that let the searcher know what to expect when they click through to the actual page. Structured microdata helps search engines display additional information to enrich the look and structure of search results snippets and upgrade not only the content but the appearance too.
1) HTML Tag Types And Markups For Webmasters
This markup language, with various clearly structured and categorized schema types, can be found at Schema.org. Presented in the form of standard HTML tags and formatted for the respective search engines, these precisely coded tags can easily be installed on sites. This not only resolves structural issues that often arise when structured data is converted into HTML, but it also improves the flow of content from the web site, via the search engine, to the user.
2) Nearly 40% Of Keywords Studied Via Google Include Schema Snippets
The potential of Schema becomes clear when you realize that nearly 40% of keywords – from the appropriate SERPs, respectively – include at least one snippet with information derived from Schema.org. Although this has declined slightly compared to a previous analysis, the overall proportion of keywords resulting in SERPs displaying snippets with additional markup information – such as from Amazon.com and Wikipedia.org, which do not use the Schema.org facility – has risen.
In other words: The percentage of keywords without any markup-derived snippets has consequently declined, and is currently at about 34%
3) Domains Using Schema Rank Higher (!?)
We found that domains with schema integrations do in fact rank better by an average of 4 positions when compared to domains without them.
By way of qualification, it should be noted that domains with integrated Schema tags may be generally better optimized than domains without:

For much more details please read: http://www.searchmetrics.com/en/knowledge-base/schema/
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The importance of switching on Ads


This month I want to remind you that switching on Ads is very important to raise your revenue. I’ve noticed a lot of you have switched this feature off, I recommend you to turn it on not to miss out good revenue possibilities. To do so please choose Ads from the main menu, Edit ads, select the level, select the type of banner, here you can either check DF banners or if you have your own ones check “My own banners” and add your code in the space below.


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