People either love or hate online dating. Some say you can’t find true love and some say I never would have reached this point without the internet. We had a look at are UK members to what makes a couple click for the first time and then what made them stick.

The most obvious revelation showed that members with a profile picture received more messages than those without. To be specific, 64% of our UK members said they would actually avoid talking to another member if they hadn’t got a profile picture. However, this was apparently more to do with feeling secure, rather than judging by appearances. Following that, members that had important things in common, such as if they both had kids or they had similar morals and values, they conversed for longer. Interests such as films and music proved to have little effect on the success of relationships.
Two of our members, the newly married couple Ben and Liv from Yorkshire told us that they felt that it was more important to have common ground on more serious issues rather than surface interests. It’s great if you both love tennis but if you disagree on the morals you live by or if one person wants children but the other doesn’t, it’s probably not going to last.
This is why niche dating works. Members are likely to choose a niche that is important to them – it’s something they live by, so whether it’s religion, being a vegetarian or having a disability, our members have already found thousands of other people with the same interest or life style that’s equally as important to them.
Lara Hryniewicz
Client Relations Manager