Cross-selling can be a powerful tool if it’s done correctly. By advertising the two separate but relevant sites, you can make the most of your traffic. Traffic from the site A can visit site B and vice versa.
Here are some tips for cross-selling:

  1. Keep it relevant. If you overload customers with too many unrelated cross-selling suggestions, it may distract your visitors. For example, if you’re running your PPC campaigns promoting a gay dating for men site, it wouldn’t make sense to promote lesbian dating site there, but it would be very economical to promote your gay adult dating site for men and vice versa.
  2. Do not attempt to make your members register on all the sites you have at once. If you want to show all your sites to your members, do it subtly so it doesn’t distract from the site they’re already on. Here is a good example on how to cross-promote the sites using the advice above:
  3. If you’re cross-promoting your sites with just simple links, make them visible. Don’t just list them, but try to explain in one phrase or few words what will a visitor get if they go by these links. Here is an example:
  4. Using banners and the promo-tools will certainly make your cross-selling campaigns more visible and attractive:
  5. Another useful tool to cross-sell your sites is the newsletter facility in the admin panel. Think carefully about your wording. Explain to your members why this alternative site could interest them. Don’t let the newsletter look like SPAM because members won’t read it, and chances are.

You can read more on how to work with the Newsletter section here:
Don’t miss the opportunity to get up to 30% of additional revenue by cross-selling to your existing visitors.
Nick Dovgopolyy
Partner Manager