Using Hashtags for Online Dating Social Media
The use of hashtags in social media allow you to extend the visibility of your online advertising campaigns for your dating site, helping you to reach a wider audience, increase dating membership and therefore increase your revenue streams. It is a surprisingly effective online marketing tool that you have available at your disposal but is under-used and in a lot of cases – not even understood!

You will have no doubt seen hashtags, the # symbol that’s found online throughout the world of social media – particularly on Twitter. Use of the hashtag has grown tremendously and for a good reason. This symbol allows different people to easily connect on topics that are of interest to them. Think of it as a flag on the horizon guiding you to good, relevant content!
From an online marketing perspective, the hashtag allows you to vastly improve and streamline your SEO strategy, broadcasting your brand’s message, and targeting your specific audience, all through your existing social media channels. So if you’re interested in expanding your outreach, here’s what you should know about these hashtags, and how you can use them to increase your white label dating sites’ online engagement and raise your dating businesses profile.

What is a Hashtag?

In simple terms a hashtag is a word or group of words preceded by a # sign. The hashtag originally became popular on Twitter where it was used to create “Tweet chats,” similar to open group discussions over a particular topic. Today, the hashtag is used for everything from trending topics to world events and online business promotions.
Key Hashtag Marketing Strategies
So how do you use the hashtags on your online dating sites’ social media accounts? Even more importantly, how can hashtags help you to expand your social outreach?

Using Brand Specific Hashtags

Creating your own brand specific hashtag is simple, just pick a unique and catchy hashtag that defines your business and use it as your ‘tag’. By encouraging customers to use your hashtag when they discuss your company, as well as using it yourself, you’ll give people an easy way to talk about your company, giving you free publicity.

What Are Trending Hashtags?

These are hashtags that are popular or currently used profusely to the point where they become topical. A trending hashtag can come and go within minutes or days. Despite the fact that they are fleeting, jumping on board with these hashtags can be a tremendous opportunity for promotion of your site.
Using Content Hashtags
To get your articles, blogs and updates seen by your potential customers and users, make sure you use hashtags that will be relevant to what your customers are searching. Be sure to think like your customer! So, for example, when you are advertising your online dating site why not use #onlinedating or #singlesdating.
So the next time you’re using social media, look for ways to use hashtags to your advantage. Be aware of changing trends and watching for your chance to participate in relevant conversations which can help you to spot opportunities for promotion, allowing you to expand your reach and target more customers. Don’t shy away from jumping on the back of trending hashtags. It’s a good way to increase engagement.