The great thing about working in the online dating industry is that we play a vital part in peoples’ lives as we are enabling thousands to meet their soul mate every week! It’s easy to forget the important role affiliates play in this process when the things we do on a daily basis to drive results become second nature.

Monitoring stats, tweaking the finest details of your PPC / SEO campaigns are vital to your business model. Is there anything better than seeing commission accumulated on your account? Well maybe there is! Next time you look at your stats just think about the happy people behind the stats and give yourself an extra pat on the back!

Marketing Blog

This week’s marketing blog covers an area that can be easily overlooked when setting up Blogger blogs, and that is the basics of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. There are a range of actions that should be taken when setting up your Blogger account.

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Get to Know a Few of Our Best Affiliates

Today interview our good friend and affiliate Steve, who we have known for more than 10 years! Steve works is a very attentive and proactive affiliate who has also, given us some great feedback on our platform! There’s a lot of interesting facts about Steve, one of them being that he loves writing tankas (short, Japanese poems) in his spare time! In fact he can write tankas as easily as we might make a cup of coffee!

  1. Steve Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do in life?

    My Name is Steve. I am a born and bred English man living in Romania with my Romanian wife. After being been made redundant for the umpteenth time from a telemarketing job I worked as an International Truck Driver for 25 Years. My job took me all over Europe, Scandinavia and Russia.

    I first used a computer while working for Lotus Software and eventually progressed into working for Zerox managing printer repair Engineers throughout Benelux and the UK. My main business now is supplying white decorated Horses for Asian and Indian Weddings and white Horses and Carriages for special occasions. I have several niche sites on the Dating Factory platform.

  2. When did you start working in the on-line dating industry?

    I got involved with in 2000 after registering with them after my marriage broke down. My endeavor is making other people happy.

  3. Can you remember what you spent your first cheque on?

    I remember the day my first cheque arrived. I was just about to head out of the house to take my kids to school. It went straight towards paying off the overdraft my ex had run up!

  4. What are your favorite promotional methods?

    SEO! I quickly realised the power of SEO and that I would need to get good at this if I was going to make dating sites really work for me.

  5. Can you tell us your words of wisdom for newbie’s?

    I follow the news and blogs so I keep up to date with what is now and current. If it seems worth the time, I search in the Google Webmaster tools to see how many people are actually looking for that item, if yes, find the appropriate niche and create a niche site for that subject. Then follows the hours and days of trying to optimise the pages to make it work.

    Remember it’s easy to swap links with a Google PR0 site. Everyone works on getting PR for their site, so they will get the PR and pass it from their site to yours. If you have any questions about your site, read through the Dating Factoryforum as 9 times out of 10 someone else has asked the same question. Failing this, contact the support team through the link in your Admin area. Together we are strong.

    Good luck from Steve

We wish you all the best!
DF team

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