Googles Panda Update And Online Dating SEOAfter some sites have been seeing ranking fluctuations, speculation is starting to build about a potential new Panda update from Google. We’re certainly intrigued as to what a new Panda update could mean for dating websites and content marketers. From what we know so far, it seems that the update will be less of a quality penalization (which we have previously seen) and more of a quality assessment, where Google is re-assessing what it sees as good and bad ranking factors and encouraging dating sites to up the quality of the content on their site.

It is expected that the search engine will:
Attribute more ranking power to detailed content.
Attribute more ranking power to universally relevant content.

What Does This Mean for Small Dating Businesses?

The new update highlights the need for truly valuable unique content; content that is useful, relevant and engaging for the target audience. Now is the time to really focus on and invest in creating high quality content.
There are 2 actions you can take as the owner or manager of your white label dating business:
1. When creating new content, focus on making sure that it is relevant and targeted at your audience, but most importantly, that it is highly detailed and accurate.
2. Revisit old content to improve its value to the target audience using the same guidelines mentioned above on a regular basis.
We know that Google wants online marketing to be an even more integrated part of a company’s marketing strategy, where online marketers and SEO experts work together to devise strategies and produce content that is highly detailed and relevant to their customers and members. But Google is also aware that many digital marketers don’t have long-term content plans and that one-hit-wonder content ideas don’t build on a wider digital marketing strategy.

How Will the Next Google Update Affect Your Dating Site

Consider how the update may impact your business and industry. Are you selling a service? Ensure that all of your services are represented throughout your site with well-written service descriptions and structured supporting content.
Think about your product pages – are they well-written? Product descriptions should be unique to your site and have strong levels of information, if they don’t, then you may see drops in rankings.
We believe that Google’s strong focus on content is going to continue far into the future. If the search giant is going to retain their very large market share, then they need to continue to provide the highest quality search results. Meanwhile, dating business owners must invest in an effective online marketing strategy, regardless of algorithm updates.