Blogging For Online Dating Sites
Understanding SEO and Online Marketing is not easy, and Google doesn’t help by changing the algorithms and policies on regular occasions. It seems like every time we get a grip, the rules change, and we’re all left wondering what we’re doing wrong and what we might still possibly be doing right but still confused.

Well, there’s one thing you may have been doing correctly from the start: blogging. You probably have a million reasons to blog, not the least of which include building trust among your users and dating members, positioning yourself as a dating expert, and simply sharing news with your businesses followers. Then, of course, there are those activities that help to boost your site rankings. These can only help you if you know how to use them, so make note of these following reasons blogging can boost your SEO.

Back linking for White and Private Label Dating Sites

Some of the techniques used for SEO when blogging will raise eyebrows, and back linking is no exception. Many will tell you link schemes are black hat and will get you a slap on the wrist from Google, and they’d be right. So does that mean you can’t build relationships with other experts, dating sites and blogs by including links and asking for some in return? Not at all.
You can still benefit greatly from being linked and linking to others, but there are some things to keep in mind. First, if you’ve paid for your link, be sure they use the no follow designation. Otherwise, you’ll be penalized. Next, work with reputable, quality sites that fit your dating blog’s niche. When links to your blog appear on sites that have nothing to do with your company, you’ll get another black mark from Google. And finally, use the same basic rules for any blogs you link to on your site.
Good quality links from popular, well-respected sites can definitely help your SEO rankings, but only if you do it right.

Guest Blogging on your White Label Dating Template

Again, the latest buzz suggests guest blogging is dead, but that’s not necessarily the case. As with the back linking, guest blogs can be hugely beneficial to the SEO of your dating website. If you work with reputable and knowledgeable writers who are indeed experts in the dating industry, their popularity can only help you.
For this to work, you must be attentive when screening potential bloggers. Talk to them, research their backgrounds, and compare their submission to everything they’ve written before to make sure you get truly unique content. If you follow Google’s quality guidelines (and you must), your guest blog from a well-known source will bring you a lot traffic and boost your search engine rankings.

Fresh and Relevant Dating Content

Search engines love fresh, unique content. How often do the pages on your website change? I bet not very often at all. That’s why you must keep a steady blog filled with new information every week (at least). Those search engines customers use to find companies just like yours will pull the freshest and most relevant content whenever a search is performed. If your site hasn’t been updated with new information in over a year, you can guarantee someone else’s will rank higher than yours in the search results.
By blogging, you build relationships with your readers and dating partners, position yourself as an expert in this field, and perhaps most importantly, provide new content for Google to index.

Keywords for Online Dating Sites

Keywords really don’t hold the same weight they once did. In fact, this is another aspect of Online Marketing for Dating Sites you can do really wrong and end up being penalized for. The day of cramming keywords (keyword stuffing) into a blog over and over, regardless of what they add to the content, is long gone. Now those keywords have to serve a purpose. You really want to make sure you choose unique keywords that will lead potential users to your site but not so unique that no one thinks to use them. If you choose words that are used too often, you won’t get much benefit out of them either.
Your best bet with keywords and search terms is to use long-tail keywords and phrases that people may use when searching. Instead of focusing too much on keyword placement and making sure you include the words a certain number of times, concentrate on simply answering questions. Provide knowledge for those who reach your site. They don’t need a million keywords; they need answers.


When your blogs are shared and consequently clicked on, they move up in the search rankings. If you’re providing quality and useful content, your users will want others to know. Of course, the only way to make sure your blogs contribute to your website’s popularity is to create unique content, provide answers for visitors, and then share your blogs wherever you can.

Images and Alt Tags

Including images in your blog gives you one more way search engines can find you. Make sure you name them according to the search terms or keywords, and then do the same for the alt-text. The alt-text is meant to describe what’s in the image for those who don’t or aren’t able to see images on their screens. For this reason, your alt-text must be carefully crafted to serve two purposes: SEO and information.

Video and Rich Media for Dating

As with photos, video simply gives you much more dynamic content that you can share with your readers. Remember they’re looking for excellent, unique content, so be sure you include only videos that serve a purpose and are deemed fit for the purpose. Be sure you tag your videos with appropriate search terms relevant to dating before you post. Let the viewers know exactly what’s going on in the video so they can find your content in a search. Use Google Trends for this – and don’t swamp with keywords.

Social Media for Online Dating

Believe it or not, Google also returns social media search results. If you connect your blog to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, you give search engines one more thing to find when people look for your company. As long as you use search terms in your titles and meta descriptions, you’ll boost your SEO through social media listings, too.

Indexed Dating Article Pages

Perhaps the most important reason of all to blog is the fact that each post counts as a brand content rich new page on your website. Google really loves fresh content and will reward those who share frequently. Those who do include a business blog on their site will see up to 55% more traffic than companies who don’t. The reason for this is the indexed pages. For Google to index those pages, you need to include at least 300 quality words. That means reblogging, short blogs, and duplicating content won’t help you. There is a time and place for the previously mentioned blog types, but not when you’re hoping to boost your SEO and online visibility for your online dating business.