Dating Factory Is Seven

From tiny seeds great Oak trees grow!

Seven years ago a group of affiliate marketers started to plant the seeds of an idea to create an internet dating product that would be used worldwide by thousands of online marketeers. So in early 2009 the seeds were planted and by April of that year the process was begun. The seeds that had been planted earlier were starting to grow and the first partners were lined up to be part of the network. A team was assembled and slowly the ingredients were ready to be blended together to start the process of creating a top quality product.

The team were realistic and understood that this would not happen overnight and in fact it would take a number of years until the product would be at its best. And it was this understanding that allowed Dating Factory to grow and mature into what it is today. But the story doesn’t end there and in fact, to some extent, it has only just begun.
Elsewhere in the world, at the very same time as the Dating Factory seeds were being planted, a farmer somewhere down the east coast of Scotland was planting seeds of a very different kind. He was laying out barley fields ready for harvesting in the same month that Dating Factory was officially launched. His seeds were also destined to form a key ingredient in a top quality product… they were being grown for a Scottish Whisky Distillery to help them to deliver their own vision of creating a product of quality… a fine Single Malt Whisky.
Fast forward seven years to the present day and we reflect back on Dating Factory and the Whisky Distillery who both started a journey at the same time. We look at where they are today and then at what is ahead of them in the future, and what makes them so similar.

Happy Birthday Dating Factory

Over those seven years both had a vision of what they wanted to create and brought together the ingredients to do so. Dating Factory assembled a team of skilled individuals and partners and gradually those ingredients matured through time as the product improved with age until eventually reaching the ripe old age of 7. It was time to mark the milestone and plan for the future, looking forward to maturing (and subsequently improving) the product further so that by the time year 10 is reached, we have something that can truly be described as being the best it possibly can be.
And while Dating Factory mark this milestone, the distillery also do so by releasing their first batch of whisky. A rare 7 year old single malt that is every bit as excellent as they had expected it to be. And like Dating Factory, the story doesn’t end there for the distiller, as there is now the 10 year old whisky to look forward to, which should, through constant monitoring & temperature control, be the very best it possibly can be. And then the distiller will look back 3 years and remember how wonderful the 7 year old version was and yet now here he is with something really quite incomparable.
To celebrate we have secured a single cask batch of that very whisky and sent those out to some key partners who are already on the journey with us, but so that they can also understand the distillers’ journey and its synergies with ours.

Dating Factory And Agile Wings Moving Forward

So, as we celebrate our 7th birthday and what has been quite a remarkable year with Dating Factory taken into the fold of Agile Wings, we are left with one big decision to make… do we open the whisky now and raise a toast to where we have come in those 7 years or do we keep it as a reminder of all that goes into making something so elegant.